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Deliver Us Mars Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Sci-fi games are all the rage in 2022, and the wide array of them being announced and released goes to prove it. Between titles like "Starfield," which had major details shown off from the Xbox Showcase, "The Outer Worlds," "Dolmen," and "The Callisto Protocol," fans have a wide variety of options to choose from for their space adventures. "Deliver Us Mars" looks to add to that list, and based on everything fans were able to see at the PC Gaming Show in 2022, it might be one of the best of the year.


"Deliver Us Mars" is the sequel to "Deliver Us the Moon," a 2018 title that was about colonizing the moon in order to secure resources, as Earth has been depleted of them. The studio behind the games, KeokeN Interactive, is fairly new and has only worked on the "Deliver Us" games so far. However, the success of "Deliver Us the Moon" spells good things for "Deliver Us Mars."

When is the release date for Deliver Us Mars?

Fans won't have to wait long to play "Deliver Us Mars" — the release date is September 27, 2022. The sci-fi game will be available on both last-gen and next-gen consoles, along with PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.


In the meantime, fans can look toward the game's official Twitter account. There are a lot of great updates about the game that are released frequently, such as voice actors for the game. There have also been opportunities to win things on the Twitter account as well, like an Xbox Series X.

There's a pre-order deal on Steam that includes "Deliver Us the Moon" for anyone who hasn't played the first game in the series. According to How Long to Beat, the first game only takes about 5 hours to beat, so it's a quick play for anyone looking to get set up for "Deliver Us Mars."

Is there a trailer for Deliver Us Mars?

Luckily, there are multiple trailers for fans to check out of "Deliver Us Mars." The first video came out in May 2022, and it gave insights into the game and how it related to the previous title in the series. The Game Director, Koen Deetman, explained that "Deliver Us Mars" takes place 10 years after the end of "Deliver Us the Moon" and that the story is about exploring Mars after a distress signal comes through.


While the first game centers around finding resources, "Deliver Us Mars" is focused on finding technology to help Earth. The trailer also gives homage to the fact that KeokeN Interactive aims to create immersive games, according to its website, with a countdown at the beginning of the trailer that leads to a player putting on a headset and traveling into the world of the game, fully jumping into the world.

What's the gameplay for Deliver Us Mars like?

"Deliver Us Mars" is a narrative adventure game that takes players on an exploration of the red planet. The gameplay trailer for the game shows off a variety of different ways players will be able to explore, and it looks pretty unique.


Players will be able to scale walls with pickaxes, drive a vehicle across the sandy Mars terrain, and even swim on the planet that supposedly has no water. Additionally, players will even be able to use lasers to gain access to areas, and even flying drones will make an appearance to help out.

While the gameplay isn't heart-pounding action, the Steam page for the game does acknowledge that there's something suspenseful about the gameplay. The Steam page also points out that the game will be enjoyed alongside stunning music to really help immerse players into Mars as it exists in the game.