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The Last Faith - What We Know So Far

No matter how much fans will it, it seems like a "Bloodborne" sequel just isn't in the cards. Some may contend that's totally fine given that FromSoftware recently wowed the world with the stellar "Elden Ring," but for players itching for more Gothic-tinged horror, it's just not the same. While FromSoftware hasn't taken up the torch, other developers seem more than happy to embrace a similar setting to "Bloodborne" and offer up some scares.


Enter "The Last Faith," a pixel art metroidvania that looks to not only have taken inspiration from the "Bloodborne" setting and aesthetic, but also its gameplay. Described as "an unholy alliance of metroidvania and soulslike," the platformer promises to deliver punishingly precise combat alongside a dark world that combines science and magic. Set in the corrupt city of Mythringal, "The Last Faith" follows Eric, a man forced to navigate a supernatural conflict despite suffering from amnesia.

Can't wait to jump in? Here's everything you should know about "The Last Faith."

Is there a release date for The Last Faith?

"The Last Faith" has had some trouble landing on an anticipated release date. Originally aiming for late 2021, the title now seems determined to launch some time this year for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One (via Twitter). Though players know it will be available across most contemporary platforms, many are still eager to learn exactly when they'll be able to dig into the game.


Anticipation is reaching a head — especially for those who supported the project during its Kickstarter run — with an equal mix of excitement and frustration underscoring fans' responses on social media. Commenting on a tweet shared by the official "The Last Faith" Twitter account, players levied an assault of emotions. One user, concerned about the title's release date, said, "When exactly though??" This sentiment was echoed by others, though it didn't represent everyone, as many players were just excited to see "The Last Faith" featured during the Future Games Show. One happy viewer wrote, "This is what I didn't know I needed!!! Looks incredible!!! Definitely a day one purchase for me."


Developer Kumi Souls Games has not shared a price or pre-order options, but you can wishlist "The Last Faith" on Steam.

Is there a trailer for The Last Faith?

While "The Last Faith" may have just caught the eye of those tuning into the Future Games Show, it has actually been a long time coming for those who backed the project after its Kickstarter debut in May of 2020. There, the title got its first trailer showcasing the Gothic world and some of the enemies that inhabit it. It then made its way to other storefronts like Steam, carving out a page for itself accompanied by another trailer highlighting some of the gameplay.


The most recent trailer featured during the Summer Game Fest served up some dynamic footage. Fans can catch glimpses of some of the mechanics and hints about the narrative fueling "The Last Faith." Features on display include soulslike magic and skills, fearsome bosses, and an atmospheric dark fantasy setting spread across a wealth of environments.

What will the gameplay be like in The Last Faith?

Between the handful of trailers and information from the creators themselves, players can get a pretty good idea about what gameplay and progression will look like in "The Last Faith." Specifically, the title aims to bridge the gap between 2D side-scrolling metroidvanias and the oppressive precision that soulslike combat calls for. 


The trailers have already shown some formidable bosses, but there also appear to be hints of item and magic use anyone familiar with "Bloodborne" should instantly recognize. With a focus on exploration and non-linear levels, players will find items, puzzles, and unique encounters scattered across a large map. "The Last Faith" combines weapons and spells, and features combos, buffs, dodges, and special attacks.

On top of this, "The Last Faith" offers an impressive execution mechanic, allowing players to finish off enemies in a variety of gory ways. Though a 2D side-scroller may not be everyone's first guess for a worthy "Bloodborne" successor, "The Last Faith" looks like it's ready to carry the torch into uncharted territories.