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Overwatch 2's New Season Roadmap Explained

"Overwatch 2" has gotten an official release date, along with some updates about new content players can expect post-launch. The new release date, October 4, marks the beginning of "early access" for the game, which will be free-to-play across all platforms. Prior to that release date, Blizzard plans on holding a second beta period and using the information to issue balance updates and changes. While it likely won't be perfect by launch (what game is?), these beta tests and balancing patches should help to fix some of the biggest problems with "Overwatch 2."


While switching to a free-to-play model will likely worry some fans, Blizzard has made a couple of important distinctions about its model ahead of release. First, according to a post on the official PlayStation Blog, it is doing away with loot boxes in favor of direct purchase and battle passes for cosmetic items. Second, every player will still have access to all heroes. Blizzard won't be forcing people to unlock them as they must in games like "Apex Legends" or "League of Legends." To build up hype, Blizzard has revealed a general roadmap for the first few months of the game's release.

Overwatch 2 will have a new season every nine weeks

Detailed on the PlayStation Blog, "Overwatch 2" is set to get a new season every nine weeks. Each new season will have a new battle pass, along with the addition of a new map, mode, or hero, depending where things are in the development cycle. At launch, there will be three new heroes (Sojourn, Junker Queen, and a character that players have not gotten to see yet) six new maps, the new push mode, and over 30 new skins, along with a battle pass. Season 2 starts on December 6 with a brand new battle pass, as well as a new tank, new map, and even more new skins. The roadmap itself is still a bit vague, but Blizzard clearly wants players to know they have a lot to look forward to.


This continues on a nine-week cycle into 2023, with PvE experiences arriving eventually. As for the battle pass, Blizzard has not revealed pricing  plans, nor has the developer said if it includes enough paid currency to get the next one. People have been rightfully worried about "Overwatch 2," but it seems like getting the PvP mode out ahead of the PvE modes was the right call, since it will allow Blizzard to gain new interest from players while it works out the kinks for the single-player mode. Keep your eyes peeled for more specific perks, which will no doubt be announced in the lead-up to the game's launch.