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Potion Permit - What We Know So Far

While some gamers live for the thrill of action, others like to settle down and use gaming as a way to relax. "Cozy" games have become extremely popular, with games like "Stardew Valley" and "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" attracting a lot of people. There are plenty of amazing games that you can play to feel less alone, and "Potion Permit" is adding to that lovely list.


If you've ever dreamed of having a simple life in a small town where things like bills and world politics don't exist, then "Potion Permit" might be the next game to put on your radar. Created by indie developer MassHive Media, the game features a new twist on the cozy game category, with several mechanics that help it stand out in a crowded sub-genre.

For interested players, there's a lot of information out there already regarding "Potion Permit," including its release window and gameplay, and there are even multiple trailers to watch for even more details.

When's the release date for Potion Permit?

While there's not a release date set in stone for "Potion Permit," it is set to launch at some point in 2022. The game's coming to PC via Steam, and it's also going to be on last-gen and next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), along with the Nintendo Switch. The game will see physical and digital releases for consoles.


A public demo was made available on Steam from June 13 to June 20, and people who played it early loved the game, even with some of the glitches that were found. Hopefully that demo period will allow the developers to identify and fix any outstanding bugs.

For fans who are interested in the game and might have missed the demo download period, the devs frequently share new info and updates to the game's official Twitter account. Prospective players can also join also a thriving Discord channel where fans talk about anything and everything related to the game as it approaches.

Is there a trailer for Potion Permit?

"Potion Permit" was first announced back in 2020, and the reveal trailer introduced audiences to the idea of being a cozy kind of alchemist. The first trailer showed the player going around the town of Moonbury and helping residents by giving them medicine. However, the gameplay loop is not as simple as just clicking a few buttons or completing tasks. The trailer showed that players will need to learn to diagnose medical issues, gather ingredients for the appropriate medicine, and then actually make the medicine to become a true alchemist.


The website for the game explains that the protaginist is sent out to Moonbury to help the mayor's daughter, who's ill and can't be healed by the local "witch doctor." The player's arrival in the town by train can be seen in the game's 2022 trailer. The town is hesitant to accept any kind of medical advances, which means that the player has to gain the trust of the townspeople in order to help them.

What's the gameplay like in Potion Permit?

There's plenty to do in "Potion Permit," but the pace of the game is meant to be relaxing. According to the Steam page for the game, the game has no timed objectives, so players can go through the game at their own speed — the epitome of a "cozy" game. However, if you enjoy a little bit of thrill, don't worry. There are also monsters you have to face when you're looking for materials.


When players aren't working, they can participate in fun activities around town. Between getting to know the villagers (and potentially finding a partner), fishing, crafting furniture, and exploring with a pet, it seems like it's more fun to be an alchemist than anyone might have realized.

There are some truly awesome out there games created by small teams, and by the look of the gameplay, "Potion Permit" might be added to that list.