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The Real Reason Why Valkyrae Is Stepping Away For A Long While

Valkyrae — co-owner of 100 Thieves and one of the most famous and dedicated streamers working now — has suggested she might step away from streaming in the past. However, she's usually cleared the air about these absences, explaining that she just needed a break from the constant pressures of social media and the reality of being so online. For instance, before announcing that she was staying with YouTube, Valkyrae took a short break from streaming to build anticipation for the announcement. She told her viewers the real truth about her streaming break, saying that when she can't be on air she finds it difficult to pass the time. Even so, Valkyrae seems to love spending time with her fans online and chatting about pretty much everything.


Even though fans consistently worry about Valkyrae's retirement, especially as her career grows and evolves, it doesn't look like the streamer is permanently stopping anytime soon. However, she is going to take a lengthy break. 

Thankfully, this time she gave her fans a heads up about why she'd be stepping away from her typical schedule, so they'd have no need to worry or speculate about her absence. Valkyrae's reasoning for the planned break is fairly simple, and hints at more exciting content from the streamer in the future.

Valkyrae will be doing a lot of traveling soon

Valkyrae seemed nervous at the beginning of her June 20 stream. After humming to herself and briefly interacting with her chat, Rae took a deep breath and said, "I'm gonna be gone for a while. I am going on the [OfflineTV] Japan trip. I'm going to be gone for a while on the trip." 


Valkyrae explained that her involvement with the trip is now official, as tickets have been purchased and she'd been given permission to discuss the news. Even though Valkyrae said she felt nervous to go on an OTV trip – since she's not a usual member of the group or its bigger projects – she felt honored to be included and is excited for what's to come. While the OTV crew will surely be streaming while abroad, Valkyrae won't be able to keep to her regularly scheduled streams.

What's more interesting is that after the OTV Japan trip, Valkyrae still won't be returning to streaming. "There's more! Right after Japan – I can't really say where exactly – but I'm going somewhere else, right after," Valkyrae said. "I will announce where and with who when I'm able to." Valkyrae explained that she'll be flying straight from Japan to another location, where she'll be collaborating on a second streaming project. Considering that both trips will take time, Valkyrae could be gone for weeks. 


While she'll be having fun jet setting around the world, Valkyrae hasn't forgotten about her fans. She has plans for how to produce content for viewers while she's away.

Fans are happy for Rae

Valkyrae said that she may send footage from her trips to be edited so viewers can see vlogs of her journey. That way, fans won't have to be without her for too long, and they'll get to experience her trip along with her. Valkyrae also mentioned potential IRL streams that might also happen while she's traveling with OTV and her mysterious second traveling group, but those don't have a set schedule. While fans are certainly sad to see Valkyrae stepping away from her near-daily streaming schedule, they're also overjoyed for the opportunities that seem to be opening up for their favorite streamer.


Valkyrae's loyal viewers weren't shy when sharing their feelings about her upcoming break. Many wished the streamer well, but a number of fans also expressed incredulity at the amount of time she'll be gone. One viewer commented, "What I'm surprised is that she's basically going to be gone for about 3 weeks. I'm sure there'll be some fun moments there, too." Another viewer similarly shared the excitement, writing, "so happy Rae is going with OTV & Friends to Japan and she is overall traveling and just enjoying life ... content is gonna be insane!!"

No one's quite sure where Valkyrae is headed after the OTV trip, but one fan has an idea. A viewer suggested that Rae might be headed to the Philippines after Japan, to attend the CONQuest gaming festival along with LilyPichu, but nothing is certain just yet. Valkyrae promised to share more details with fans when she's able.


Valkyrae went to Japan for the first time in 2019 and has longed to go back ever since. Fans can look forward to Rae and friends' IRL streams as they travel, which will hopefully fill the gap in fans' hearts from Valkyrae's absence.