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Why Star Wars: KOTOR 2's Developer Told Players To Cheat

There's no shortage of "Star Wars" content these days. From the recently released "Obi-Wan Kenobi" series to in-the-works action-adventure game "Star Wars Eclipse," fans still have an appetite for new adventures from the intergalactic franchise after all these years.

But if there's one thing that's for sure, it's that not every "Star Wars" stories is of equal quality. As it stands, it's been quite the rocky road for the Nintendo Switch remaster of "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords." Both "KOTOR 2" and the original "KOTOR" are considered some of the best "Star Wars" games out there, but the original release of the sequel was rushed to market and ended up disappointing fans.

When the developers at Aspyr announced that the new release of "KOTOR 2" would contain restored content, "Star Wars" fans were thrilled. Unfortunately, the reality looked much different. In fact, the game is effectively broken in its current state, since it contains a bug that keeps players from progressing past a certain point without crashing. But now, "KOTOR 2" fans have a shred of hope: Aspyr has come out with a surprising quick fix, which may tide players over until a proper patch is released.

Aspyr promotes a cheat warp

In a completely unconventional move, Aspyr actually encouraged "KOTOR 2" players to use cheat codes to navigate around a major roadblock in the game that prevents them from going on. The update came through a post shared on the Aspyr Support site. The developers first acknowledged the influx of reports of a crash that takes place after the Basilisk Crash cutscene on Onderon. The team plans to take care of this problem for good in the next patch, but it's still very much an issue.

Naturally, the only option is for players to cheat, but they can at least rest easy knowing it has been officially encouraged by Aspyr. In the developers' words: "For now, our suggested workaround is to warp past the point where the game crashes using the cheats menu. To do so, triple click the left thumbstick, open the cheats menu, and select warp."

It's also recommended that players warp full parties to a random location, or else they'll be split up. After the random warp, players can warp to OND504, though they'reĀ also advised to avoid the merchant quarter, where further crashes are guaranteed.

Seeing a game's developers openly endorse a cheat in any capacity is one for the books. As surprising and silly as it seems, this temporary solution to the "KOTOR 2" bugs is worth celebrating. It's not an ideal fix, but this should finally give players some relief for what's been an otherwise frustrating experience.