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Is Overwatch 2 Cross-Platform?

"Overwatch" fans have been seriously worried about what "Overwatch 2" could look like, and even the easily-accessible closed beta wasn't enough to ease everyone's worries. Luckily, developers have plans to fix one of fans' biggest concerns to make players more accepting of the game before it's released. Additionally, Blizzard has released a Season roadmap to get people excited about the game, which is switching to a free-to-play model with a battle pass system for cosmetics.


One thing that's been a point of contention in the "Overwatch" series since it was released is the idea of cross-platform interactions. The game was never cross-platform, which means that players can't play on the same account across different consoles and/or PC. Considering the game is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, this can be frustrating for players who want to experience play on various platforms.

When the game was released in 2016, there was also no option to cross-play with friends on a different system than yours, either. While the option was added later on, it still doesn't work between Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Fans are wondering if "Overwatch 2" will be plagued by the same problem or if Blizzard is thinking about multiple systems from the start.


Overwatch 2 will be cross-platform and have cross-play

Blizzard has already confirmed that "Overwatch 2" will offer cross-play and be cross-platform on release, according to a press release from BusinessWire. This means that players will have the ability to play "Overwatch" on any console or PC they own and use the same cosmetics across it all – even queuing up with friends from any system that "Overwatch 2" will be on.


This is particularly good because of the new free-to-play model that "Overwatch 2" will have. With a battle pass in place, players will be able to progress no matter what system they bought it on or what they're playing on. Losing cosmetics is one thing, but losing out on valuable battle pass progress because you're playing on another system would be devastating.

This will also open up the game for Nintendo Switch players who don't have any other way to play the game. Come October 4, they'll be able to play with any "Overwatch" player regardless of their system.