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The Last Case Of Benedict Fox - What We Know So Far

The 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase had a lot of great content to offer for both PC and consoles. From all the details shared during the "Starfield" demo, which led to a player debate about the protagonist, to intriguing entries like historical mystery "Pentiment," there was something for everyone. 


One of the standout titles from the event was "The Last Case of Benedict Fox." The side-scrolling Metroidvania had never been revealed prior to the presentation, but audiences loved what they saw. The Steam page went live the day it was unveiled, and over 25,000 people wishlisted the game in about a week (via Twitter). That's an impressive draw for indie developer Plot Twist, which has very few projects under its belt.

The unique graphics, Lovecraftian story, and promising gameplay enticed a lot of people, but there are still several details about "The Last Case of Benedict Fox" that audiences want to know.

When's the release date for The Last Case of Benedict Fox?

"The Last Case of Benedict Fox" doesn't have an official release date just yet. However, the announcement on the official Xbox website from the developers narrowed down a release window to spring 2023.


Plot Twist has worked on a few other games in the past, but nothing like "The Last Case of Benedict Fox." The list includes "Drift Zone," a racing franchise, and "Tacticool Champs," an arcade-style shooter that hit storefronts in 2020. That means the studio has had years to work on "The Last Case of Benedict Fox," so it's hopefully coming out in early spring 2023 compared to later in the season.

"Benedict Fox" will launch initially on Xbox and PC – even hitting Game Pass on day one – but there's a chance that it could come to PlayStation. When asked about the possible port on Twitter, the reply was that it is a "mystery that will be revealed in time."

Is there a trailer for The Last Case of Benedict Fox?

When "The Last Case of Benedict Fox" was revealed, it was shown off in a 100-second trailer. That was the first time the game had been seen by audiences, and it gave people a great sense of the atmosphere.


The trailer opens with a car speeding through the rain, followed by Benedict Fox walking into a dark mansion. After taking a few steps into the front room, everything morphs as some kind of spirit appears behind Benedict and attaches to him. The Steam page for the game explains that the ghost-like creature is actually a demon that aids Detective Fox.

The demon allows Detective Fox to go through the memories of the dead, which helps him find clues about murder cases. Fox's titular last case centers on the murder of a couple and the abduction of their child. However, the killing isn't as black and white as that, and more mysteries are unveiled as the unlikely duo learns more.

What's the gameplay like in The Last Case of Benedict Fox?

"The Last Case of Benedict Fox" is a Metroidvania, and the Steam page lists noir pulp fiction and Tim Burton as inspirations. As the trailer shows, the player takes control of Benedict Fox while he searches through the minds of the deceased, where memories become monsters that try to stop him.


Players need to perform various activities to get through the map, such as precise jumping and fighting enemies. Benedict is equipped with melee weapons like swords and long-ranged options like guns. Even light seems to be used as a weapon, holding off hordes of flying foes in the dark and illuminating the path ahead.

The demon on Benedict's back seems to be incredibly helpful as well. In addition to aiding in combat, it serves as something akin to a grappling hook, allowing the protagonist to cross larger areas where double jumping doesn't work.