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How Long Does It Take To Beat Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

"Monster Hunter Rise" has been a massive success for Capcom. The game received positive feedback from critics, who praised it for sticking to the series' core formula while also incorporating enough new elements, such as new monsters and even a companion, to remain fresh. Given the equally positive reception the game has enjoyed amongst its player base, it's quite possible that "Monster Hunter Rise" stands to be a defining title for the Nintendo Switch when viewed in retrospect.

Piggybacking off the game's success, Capcom has added an expansion titled "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" that adds an entirely new story arc to the game, as well as tons of new content to a title that has already been confirmed to pack a lot in, taking an estimated 20-30 hours to beat the main story campaign at a normal pace. As with any expansion, players are surely curious as to how much extra content "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" contains and how long they can expect to be occupied by the product. With that said, let's see what some of the reviewers have said about the extra content contained within "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" and how long it takes to conquer the new challenges it presents.

Monster Hunter Rise takes about 12 hours to beat, but there's more

In early reviews of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak," the general consensus of how much content in the game seems to vary. According to Rich Stanton of PC Gamer, it takes about 12 hours to achieve Master Rank 3, which he considers to be endgame. However, the content that has been added to the game has added dozens upon dozens of hours to other reviewers' experience.

Writing for IGN, Tom Marks claimed to have dumped over 45 hours into his playthrough of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" and said that he still had a list of gear and side activities he wished to complete. John Carson of Game Informer didn't disclose the exact amount of hours he put into the expansion, but did say that "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" rewarded those willing to weather some sluggish parts in the beginning and pour as many hours as possible into the game.

Overall, the length of time it takes to experience all the new trinkets and quests that "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" has to offer seems to vary greatly depending on what exactly you want to do. If grinding your character up to endgame levels is your kind of deal, then 12 hours spent in-game should do the trick. If you want to achieve everything the expansion has to offer, it could take upwards of 50 hours.