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How Old World Of Warcraft Cards Created An Unstoppable Diablo Immortal Character

As fans continue to discover just how deep the pay-to-win mechanics go in "Diablo Immortal," one player used a loophole to get themselves an incredible build in the game. At this point everyone knows that you need to spend a hefty amount of money to get the best builds, making the PvP section of "Diablo Immortal" unplayable for players who don't buy microtransactions. One Reddit user however found a way to convert something from "World of Warcraft" into premium "Diablo Immortal" currency.

Reddit user daymeeuhn made a post in the "Diablo Immortal" subreddit, stating that they used 600 million gold from "World of Warcraft" to purchase $50,000 worth of gear in"Diablo Immortal." In "World of Warcraft" players can purchase "World of Warcraft" Tokens from the in-game gold auction house, which can be converted into $15 credit in the Blizzard store. Since they are playing "Diablo Immortal” on PC, they could theoretically then use that credit in the game. Daymeeuhn said they converted a total of 3,243 tokens for $48,000 worth of rift runs. Here's how daymeeuhn did it and what they got out of it.

They used old World of Warcraft convention loot cards to get the gold

The way daymeeuhn was able to accumulate so much gold wasn't from just playing the game a ton. They said that years ago they attended Blizzcon and spent $1,000 to $2,000 buying the loot cards given out at the convention from people who didn't want them. Daymeeuhn tried to later sell these, but ended up just sticking them in a drawer. Daymeeuhn sold the loot from the cards at the gold auction house (which is allowed in the game's terms of service) and then used the gold to buy the tokens.

All of that money got them 2,165 Elder Rift runs, which drop better loot when you pay for them. Daymeeuhn is at 7,000 resonance and has 4 out of the 5 resonance bonuses. They said that this has allowed them to be unstoppable in the PvP arena, besting streamers like JTISALLBUSINESS, a self-proclaimed whale who was featured in an Asmongold video for spending massive amounts of money on the game. Considering that daymeeuhn spent a few thousand on those loot cards, they could be considered a whale themselves, although they certainly managed to do it for cheaper than some others. Daymeeuhn said they did it because they like the idea of beating people who spent five figures on the game in the PvP arena with gear bought by "World of Warcraft" gold. While gamers seem to be enjoying themselves, the "Diablo Immortal" user score on Metacritic is record-setting low, thanks to the microtransactions.