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People Are Split Over Why GreekGodx Was Really Banned

It's never good when a the negative side of a streamer gets revealed to the world on cam, often ruining their careers in seconds. Not that there isn't already a shady side to Twitch as a whole, but it's never good when those that viewers look up to are shown at their worst. While some have fallen in and out of streaming giants' graces and weathered several expected Twitch bans for issues that sometimes end up being completely bogus, some streamers make mistakes that earn them the long bans they can't come back from. Usually, it's a simple case of a streamer doing something wrong and being punished for it, but in a recent case with streamer GreekGodx, onlookers are split over what actually caused his ban.

Viewers know GreekGodx is banned on Twitch now, as his channel and videos have been made unavailable on the platform. Many assumed it was for the misogynistic, sexist rant the streamer broadcasted on Twitch just before his content was taken down, but others — including GreekGodx himself — have pointed to other possibilities for the Twitch ban. From harassing other streamers to the streamer's views on relationships to twerking, what really caused GreekGodx's Twitch ban?

No matter what, GreekGodx is in trouble

The ban could be the result of any of a number of recent offenses by GreekGodX. After GreekGodx's rant, many wouldn't see a problem with a Twitch ban being issued to the streamer, but the question has been raised as to whether those comments specifically forced Twitch's hands. While talking about dating and relationships, GreekGodx said (via Jake Lucky), "But my reality, I'm gonna sit here, earn all the money. You're gonna be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and making sure my home is f***ing clean and I'm gonna make sure we have money so we can have a home." While GreekGodX claimed that others were free to live their lives as he chose, many did not take kindly to his views on women in the home.

There's another wrench in the whole situation: potential harassment. Twitch's guidelines are very clear, forbidding streamers from targeting one another. During his rant, GreekGodx made negative comments about the community that was scammed by Ice Poseidon's crypto scheme. He also tossed insults at fellow streamer MizKif, suggesting that he can only retain audiences by inviting beautiful women onto his stream. 

While this kind of attitude is enough for onlookers to condemn the streamer, GreekGodx maintains that the rant or harrassment didn't get him banned. Tweeting out news of the ban, GreekGodx said, "I have been a naughty boy no more twerking from me!" GreekGodx reffered to a moment live on cam, where he twerked while shirtless. Though GreekGodx was still wearing shorts, he believes Twitch saw the act as a violation of its terms. In a response to a fan asking if he was really banned for twerking, GreekGodx Tweeted, "yeah this is what i got banned for. ... ill be back in 72hrs."