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The Heartbreaking Death Of Technoblade

The streaming community was rocked by a tragic loss this week, as news broke that popular "Minecraft" YouTuber Technoblade has passed away at the age of 23.

After getting his start uploading "Roblox" and "Team Fortress 2" videos at just 10 years old, it wasn't until he began streaming "Minecraft" content in 2013 that Technoblade found his niche. After that, he never looked back, and quickly became a legend on the Hypixel server. Over the years, fans could count on the elusive faceless streamer to deliver high energy videos and hilarious commentary, complete with his de facto catchphrase, "Blood for the Blood God!"


Technoblade had been pretty open with his fans about his battles with cancer. Just last summer, the streamer shared with viewers that he'd learned he had an aggressive form of cancer affecting his right arm. After pursuing a number of treatment options, including chemotherapy and a brief consideration towards amputating his arm, doctors got to work on removing the cancer directly.

On the evening of June 30, Technoblade's father posted a heartfelt update to the YouTuber's channel, revealing the tragic news to fans. Over video of Technoblade's gameplay, he read a message from the content creator himself, in which Technoblade thanked his family and fans for their never-ending support. Technoblade ended his message with, "If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time, as those were the happiest years of my life."


The message also included something fans never thought they would see: photos of Technoblade himself. The YouTuber had always worked to keep his identity private from the rest of the world, but according to his dad, he had hoped to do a "face reveal" for his final video.

Technoblade's father shares his story

According to Technoblade's father, the YouTuber was having issues with focus and mobility in his final months, and so he felt like he wasn't able to get his thoughts in order to create the "face reveal" video he'd been planning. Eventually, his father knelt by his bed and told him, "Alex, You've done so much for so many people, millions of people. And if you want to now, you can rest. But if you want to write ... one last video and you're waiting for things to get a little better, then I would say don't wait."


At this, Technoblade asked to borrow his dad's laptop so he could compose one final message to his fans. "I don't think he said everything he wanted to say," his father explained. "But I think he got the main points." Technoblade passed away just hours after finishing his letter, surrounded by his loved ones.

The video concluded with a lengthy message from Technoblade's family, who likewise thanked his fans for their love and for "sharing his journey" as he battled cancer over the last year. The family has asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Tributes pour in for Technoblade

"He was the most amazing kid anyone could ever ask for," said Technoblade's father. "I miss Technoblade." And it's more than clear that the YouTuber's fans and colleagues wholeheartedly agreed with this sentiment. After the news broke, Twitter became flooded with tributes and loving memories from all over.


Jschlatt commended Technoblade's "Minecraft" skills, recalling the first time they played together in a tournament. Ludwig Ahgren said that he was processing the loss by watching Technoblade's "Minecraft" content, remarking, "I'll always look up to him." Jacksepticeye was one of many to call the beloved YouTuber "An absolute legend." TommyInnit celebrated his friendship with Technoblade and shared a "Minecraft" screenshot in which the YouTuber joked about planning to take over Heaven itself. Longtime viewers and fans of Technoblade also posted some of their favorite memories of his time on Hypixel, and some even shared fan art they'd drawn of their favorite content creator. SAD-ist, an artists and animator who has gained a following for her Dream SMP content, thanked Technoblade for being a positive influence on the community and drew a stylized version of Technoblade wearing a Piglin mask and spinning the crown from his well-known avatar. Clearly, Technoblade left an indelible impact on the streaming and gaming community at large, and his presence will be greatly missed.


For any fans hoping to give to a good cause in memory of Technoblade, there is a place they can turn. Since Technoblade's passing, his official merch store has been updated to include a message telling fans that a percentage of all sales will go towards the Sarcoma Foundation of America.