Star Ocean: The Divine Force Release Date, Trailer And Platforms - What We Know So Far

"Star Ocean: The Divine Force" is the next entry in the long-running "Star Ocean" RPG series. It's been awhile since "Star Ocean" fans got a new game, and it's much-needed in the eyes of fans. Long story short, the last two titles in the series, both released in 2016, didn't quite live up to expectations. "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness" hit the shelves to rocky reviews from both fans and critics. Meanwhile, "Star Ocean: Anamnesis" was a mobile-only title that didn't quite meet the expectations fan had when compared to the more robust console/PC games. Since "Anamnesis" was discontinued in 2021, "Star Ocean" faithfuls have continued to hope for a new installment to return the series to its former glory. 


All that being said, "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" has the chance to turn things around — and it's looking pretty solid. Here are all the details about it that are available so far.

Does Star Ocean: The Divine Force have a release date?

"Star Ocean: The Divine Force" finally has a firm release date. Players can finally get their hands on the game on Oct. 27, 2022 – exactly one year after its initial announcement during a PlayStation State of Play livestream. It's worth noting that the original 2021 announcement overlapped with the 25th anniversary year of the franchise, showing that the newest game in the franchise is meant to be a celebration of the series as a whole.


Along with the announcement of the release date, Square Enix confirmed that preorders for the game are now available (more on that in a moment). While "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" did originally get a 2022 release window, this confirmation likely comes as a great relief to fans, since delays have been quite common in recent years. It's clear the developer is on track with its original plans, which can only be a good sign for the highly anticipated game.

Is there a trailer for Star Ocean: The Divine Force?

In addition to the debut trailer and various gameplay previews, "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" released a newer trailer on June 29, 2022, to reveal the game's release date.

The trailer kicks off with a tranquil conversation between the dynamic duo of Raymond Lawrence, who crash-landed on a fledgling planet, and Princess Laeticia, who wants to guard her home from the invasive Pangalactic Federation. The two officially team up to protect the planet, and from there, the action kicks off. Battles at sea, on land, and in the stars are shown in quick succession, along with snippets of dialogue which give viewers a taste of what to expect from the story: war, teamwork, mystery, and more.


A big highlight is when Raymond discovers a protective robot that elevates everyone's skills in battle. The robot creates a galactic sphere of light around the person using it, which seems to act as a weapon and possibly a shield. All in all, the intense showcase of characters and gameplay is intense and promising. It seems "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" will offer both the thrilling battle experience the franchise is known for, plus a potentially deeper storyline than players have seen before.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force platforms

"Star Ocean: The Divine Force" hopefuls will be happy to hear that it'll be available on a wide variety of consoles. Players can experience the game on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. Switch users are sadly left out, which may not come as much of a surprise. The only previous "Star Ocean" title to grace the platform was the 2019 remake of the original game in the series, meaning the odds of a port are slim, but not impossible.


Prices are consistent across consoles, though there are two editions to choose from. According to the game's website, The Standard Edition retails for $59.99, and it includes just the digital copy of "Star Ocean: The Divine Force" with no additional content. As for the Deluxe Edition, gamers can snag the base game and a number of bonuses for $74.99. This version comes with the original soundtrack, Radiant Hildegrim and Holy Sigrdrifa armour, and accessories including a Bunny the Lagomower Brooch, tri-Emblum, a Gold Bunny Statue, and Andvaranaut's Ring.