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Will The Sonic Movies Ever Influence The Games?

"Sonic" has had some of the most successful video game movies in recent years, and the enthusiastic fans behind the series have definitely helped that. Between decades of games, Sonic has become one of the most iconic video game characters — and he's not the only one. Tails, Knuckles, and even Dr. Eggman are pretty popular, as well.


Despite the fact that Sonic's horrifying original movie design was enough to cause the film to be delayed, the movie did incredibly well. The most popular hedgehog around the world has gotten two movies that go beyond the world of the games, with the second movie shattering box office records. There's even more to come, as the film franchise is expanding to the point where it's becoming its own cinematic universe. This will include at least one TV show for Knuckles on Paramount+ and several more movies.

With all of the new content coming to the series as a whole, people have started to wonder if the movies will ever influence the games. In fact, the head of the Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka has addressed the idea.


Movie Sonic and game Sonic will stay separate

While discussing "Sonic Frontiers" with VGC, Takashi Iizuka explained why it doesn't make sense to let the "Sonic" movies influence the games:

"Because the movie Sonic came from where the game started, trying to take the movie qualities and stick it back into the games doesn't really work well. What I want to do is stay faithful to our game Sonic and really expand on the game Sonic to incorporate new ideas that are going to get people excited about new games," he explained.


However, Iizuka did point out that the movie Sonic does appear in the "Sonic" mobile games, but that's probably all that will happen between the two "Sonic" universes. Iizuka also said that the team is trying to appeal to new audiences that are coming to the "Sonic" games from the movies by creating both a 2D side-scrolling game, "Sonic Origins," and a serious 3D action game, "Sonic Frontiers."