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The Real Reason Jacksepticeye Dislikes Streaming

Jacksepticeye is one of the most successful and recognizable personalities not only in the gaming corner of YouTube, but on the whole platform. The Irish content creator has amassed over 28.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, due in large part to his infectious sense of humor and energetic style of conversation, as well as his willingness to discuss topical issues in gaming. Despite his huge following, which has even resulted in a documentary film about his life, Jacksepticeye has not really branched out his content beyond the scope of YouTube video-making.

In gaming content, it's not uncommon for popular personalities such as Jacksepticeye to expand their individual brands and personas to multiple platforms. For instance, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has a massive 9 million followers on the platform while she also maintains five YouTube channels with a combined 8.3 million subscribers, each with a slightly different focus or style. Jacksepticeye, on the other hand, has pretty much just stuck to YouTube and hasn't yet established a real presence on Twitch — even though he has already dabbled in it and would likely be a hit there, as well. And judging by recent comments, fans shouldn't expect Jacksepticeye to embrace more of a streaming schedule, and there's a pretty good reason why.

Jacksepticeye thinks he would be a boring streamer

During a recent appearance on the Trash Taste Podcast, Jacksepticeye was asked why he has not given streaming a legitimate shot yet. In response, Jack acknowledged that he has streamed gameplay on more than a few occasions, having streamed "Rust" and "Among Us" to large audiences in the past. However, according to him, streaming isn't really in his wheelhouse and far outside of his comfort zone. He cited his anxiety as the primary culprit for why he prefers to stick to less spontaneous content.

"I feel like I can make something more entertaining when it's paced around editing," Jack said. "But if it's me, I'm like, I just find myself boring." Jack also made mention of the need to please an active audience and to stream for prolonged periods of time in order to be successful as reasons why that type of content really isn't for him. At the end of the day, the YouTuber also felt there wasn't enough time for streaming. "[It would] just get in the way of other work," Jack said. "My YouTube [channel] would suffer for it. If I'm not uploading those streams, then what's the point? I'm a much better YouTuber than I am a streamer. It's not the same skillset at all."