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Cocoon - What We Know So Far

2022 was the year for sci-fi game announcements. Games set in space were announced in a variety of genres, including titles like "Deliver Us Mars," "The Callisto Protocol," and a "Dead Space" remake. Even "Starfield" released major details at the 2022 Xbox Showcase. If you enjoy a good game set in space, then you've got plenty of options coming out soon.


One of the most unique titles coming from space is "Cocoon," a puzzle-adventure game with a few tricks up its sleeve. The game was announced at the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, and there's quite a bit of information out there for any excited fans. "Cocoon" is being developed by Geometric Interactive, which was founded by Jeppe Carlsen and Jakob Schmid. Carlsen and Schmid are both known for their work on "Limbo" and "Inside."

While the previous games from the two developers were also puzzle-oriented, "Cocoon" has a very different look and feel. However, the game looks to be just as interesting as what came before it.

Is there a release date for Cocoon?

There's no set date for the release of "Cocoon," but it will be coming out at some point in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC via Steam. There's also speculation that it could come to PlayStation later, since it's being marketed as a console launch exclusive.


Annapurna Interactive is publishing the game, and the studio's got several upcoming releases on the horizon. "Cocoon" and "Lorelei and the Laser Eyes" are both coming in 2023 from Annapurna Interactive, but without set dates for either title, it's hard to narrow down a time frame during the year when "Cocoon" could be released.

However, the game's been in development for quite a while. According to the game's developers, it had been worked on for at least 5 years by the time it was announced. With so much work already done on the game, it might be released earlier in 2023 rather than later.

Is there a trailer for Cocoon?

"Cocoon" was announced with an impressive trailer that showed off beautiful, smooth gameplay and an amazing soundtrack. The trailer opens up with your character falling into a desert-esque planet. There are several different worlds shown off that have a variety of tones to them. For example, one world is dark and mysterious looking while another is much lighter and brighter.


The trailer also raised plenty of questions. There's not much information on the story of the game in the trailer or that's been released by Geometric Interactive. This leads to questions about why the player is in space, how the orbs and worlds work together, and who the sinister-looking character is at the end of the trailer.

Despite raising a ton of questions with the trailer, developers have touched on some of the mechanics in the puzzle game elsewhere, including small details about the multiple worlds.

What's the gameplay like in Cocoon?

The trailer for "Cocoon" shows off a bit of gameplay and mechanics in the puzzle adventure game. While exploring the various worlds, you'll be able to use what looks like a water jetpack to pull items across the world and scale cliffs.


According to the game's website, players will be able to jump between worlds, which exist within orbs that are carried on the player's back. Each of these orbs has its own abilities, which players will be able to use across worlds to take down the guardian of each world. Players will also have to use these abilities in order to solve the puzzles in the game. There's also alien technology that's left on the worlds. Part of the puzzle in the game is trying to figure out how everything interacts together.

"Cocoon" is the perfect addition to any space lover's game library, and it's perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of a challenge in puzzles.