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Core Keeper: How To Beat Malugaz

"Core Keeper" is an Early Access Steam title that combines farming, mining, building, and fighting while exploring a never-ending cavern. While the game is like "Minecraft," it's also similar to the hidden gem "My Time at Portia" and other spelunking and farming offerings. With plenty to do, quality mechanics, and the ability to play with up to eight friends, it's earned itself Very Positive reviews on Steam from almost 90% of players.

One aspect of the entry is taking down bosses in order to get better resources, and Malugaz the Corrupted is a great example of this. Combat isn't secondary to anything else though, and you'll need a good plan and combination of items to take down your enemy. Malugaz has to be summoned by the player, which can be done with a Crystal Skull in the Throne Room at The Forgotten Ruins. However, with two phases, Malugaz isn't a breeze to beat. If you're looking to farm the boss and get the loot he drops but can't quite figure out how to overcome him, then keep reading!

Use speed, consumables, and the Rune Song to defeat Malugaz

Malugaz the Corrupted is one of the most difficult bosses in "Core Keeper." One reason for this is because he's incredibly quick, moving around the room and attacking back-to-back. This means it's helpful to use something that increases your movement speed while taking him on. You can also utilize the stone pillars around the room to protect yourself from his attacks while striking back in between.

When Malugaz switches to his second form, he'll get another health bar and start destroying the pillars. Again, movement speed is incredibly important here. While you might think using a ranged weapon is the best choice, it's actually not that great. Ranged attacks take longer to fire off, so it's easier to get hit by Malugaz. If you're careful, then a melee option is the better choice, especially if you have the Rune Song.

Potions are also pretty important to use throughout the battle, whether to regain health or increase your damage/speed.