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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: How To Beat The Moonshine Mob Boss

"Cuphead" fans received a ton of great content in 2022. Between "The Cuphead Show!" on Netflix — along with the confirmation of a second season – and "Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course" DLC, there was plenty for eager fans. The platformer was known for its iconic, old-school style and crazy difficult bosses. Of course, the DLC saw many other bosses get added into the fray with the 5-6 hours of additional gameplay it takes to beat the game (depending on how good you are).

One of the new bosses is the Moonshine Mob, which is a gang of bugs, moonshine barrels, and even an anteater. The Moonshine Mob isn't easy to take down, and the fight is composed of several parts that can take quite a bit of time to master. If you don't go into the fight with a plan, then you'll be taken out pretty quickly. Keep reading to figure out exactly how to take this mob of minibosses down and keep progressing through the exciting DLC.

The first half of the Moonshine Mob, Spider Mobster and Light Bug

The first part of the Moonshine Mob boss fight is the Spider Mobster. He has multiple moves that span the entire screen, so you'll need to stay vigilant while you're dodging. According to YouTuber Level20 Games, the roundabout weapon is super useful against the Spider Mobster. You'll also want to avoid the bottom platform and just roam the top two platforms while constantly running and gunning while shooting diagonally. Eventually, the arachnid will be defeated.

Next up is the Light Bug. She'll dance around in the middle of the platforms while an instrument blasts dangerous music notes and sound waves. There are also smaller enemies that run across several platforms. The hardest part here is dodging the red waves, which you can do by jumping to the top platform, checking which rays waves are going which way, and then dodging appropriately until they're gone (via Level20 Games). When the waves are green, you can stay on the middle platform and just shoot Light Bug until she's done for.

The final part of the Moonshine Mob fight, Anteater and Announcer Snail

Anteater can be a difficult part of this fight, and he'll jump in and break the top two platforms when he enters the fight. His fighting style uses his snout and tongue to spit out mini enemies and balls of dangers. He also uses his tongue to attack. Just remember to parry his tongue to stay calm. Switching to the roaming weapon is also helpful here, according to Level20 Games.

After Anteater is down, there will be a fake knockout screen where Announcer Snail will quickly attack you from under Anteater's hat. All the snail does is yell soundwaves at you, which you can dodge and continue using the roaming gun to shoot and run until you win. The trickiest part is just making sure that you don't miss anything in between the extremely short period of time where the knockout curtain goes away and Announcer Snail attacks.