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Terminator Survival Project - What We Know So Far

Nacon had quite the night at its July 7, 2022 Nacon Connect event. The livestream was packed with game announcements and updates, including two big reveals that stood out above the rest — especially if you're a fan of 80s action. Fans of the "RoboCop" and "Terminator" series are both getting new titles.


While Nacon was able to show off some gameplay for "RoboCop: Rogue City," the reveal trailer for "Terminator Survival Project," offered slim details of what's to come. In fact, even the game's title is still just a placeholder — the game is so hot off the presses that it doesn't yet have an official name. However, it has been confirmed by Polygon that the "Survival Project" game will take place after the events of the in-universe disaster known as Judgment Day, before those of Nacon's previous "Terminator" game. The game will also be the first open-world survival title in the "Terminator" universe.

One thing's for sure: Fans of other "Terminator" games and movies have something to look forward to. Here are all the details available for "Terminator Survival Project" so far.


When will Terminator Survival Project be released?

As it stands, the team behind "Terminator Survival Project" hasn't provided a firm timeline for the game's release. In fact, there's currently not even a release window, so fans are in a perpetual waiting period. The game will be developed and published by Nacon's Milan-based crew. Intel shared with Polygon revealed that Nacon has confirmed plans to release "Terminator Survival Project" on PC and consoles at some point "in the distant future."


Given the popularity of the franchise, combined with the fact that this game will be breaking new ground as the inaugural survival open-world "Terminator" title, it's likely fans are in for a long wait. After all, "Survival Project" is still very early in development, so much so that it is still awaiting a formal title. Since the game has a lot of eyes on it, it's more than likely Nacon will provide further updates throughout the course of development.

Is there a trailer for Terminator Survival Project?

The trailer for "Terminator Survival Project" is ultra-brief at just 24 seconds, but it gives fans just enough of a glimpse at the game to want to learn more. The opening shot hones in on a pair of goggle-like glasses on the floor of an empty room, as the atmospheric sounds of mechanical whirring and frightened breathing fill the air. The room seems to be frozen over, with ice covering the floor.


The door to the room swings open to reveal a T-800 endoskeleton clenching his fist and grinning ominously, as flames flare behind him and thunder booms. The camera zooms in on his face to show red eyes dilating and moving around. There's one last close-up to hammer home the haunting effect of the Terminator's burning, mechanical eyes.

A sound of a door slam marks the end of the trailer, as the final screen formally announces Nacon Studios Milan's involvement in the game. Though there's no title reveal, it's pretty obvious which franchise is being revived with this new game.

What will the gameplay be like in Terminator Survival Project?

Since it was just announced, there still aren't many details available about "Terminator Survival Project" gameplay. That being said, the preceding "Terminator" games and movies provide some clues about what gamers may be able to expect in terms of the general storyline.


For starters, being set after Judgement Day guarantees a stark, dystopian atmosphere. As Nacon wrote on Twitter, players will be tasked with "fight[ing] to survive in a post-apocalyptic open world where the last vestiges of humanity are hounded by terrifying machines." Nacon also revealed that gameplay puts players in the shoes of a group of nuclear apocalypse survivors, which suggests a possible multiplayer component.

It was also revealed that "Survival Project" will tell "an original story building on the events from the films." Other than the timeline constraints shared thus far, there's no telling what legacy characters, plotlines, or references may weave their way into "Survival Project." This offers a rich opportunity for hardcore fans to dive deeper into an under-explored point in time in the "Terminator" universe, likely with many Easter eggs along the way. In the meantime, all eyes are on Nacon for the next update.