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Escape From Tarkov: How To Fix The Group Queue Error

"Escape From Tarkov" is a realistic, first-person military shooter that takes place, as the name might suggest, in the warzone of Tarkov. While the gameplay is very different from something like "Call of Duty: Warzone," the games share a similar squad-focused gameplay style. "Escape From Tarkov" players load into a raid, either in a group or solo, and are sent out to scavenge for resources and bring them back to their stash. While on the excursion, players can run into other players and either avoid them or engage them in combat. Dying results in the loss of your loot, but you can take the other player's stuff if you win the encounter.


"Escape From Tarkov" got a massive boost in popularity thanks to Twitch streamers, and while the game has some issues, like the developer saying adding women to the game would be too much work, players really seem to enjoy the realistic combat. Unfortunately, one of the more prevalent issues in the game itself is an error that keeps players from actually joining the game in a timely manner. Here is how to fix the group queue error in "Escape From Tarkov."

How to fix the group queue error in Escape From Tarkov

The group queue error occurs whenever a team of players are trying to join into a raid together from the same lobby. According to altchar, some players are reporting queue times of up to 30 minutes, which can be frustrating for players with limited time to play. The solution to this problem, as discovered by players on Reddit, is for everyone in the group to change their server settings. By default, most players will automatically have the one or two servers with the best ping for them selected.


To make this work, players will need to go into the "Escape From Tarkov" launcher. Under the change server option you should select "use automatic server selection tool." This will allow the matchmaking to pick servers with less people in them and get you and your squad into a match faster. It's important to reiterate that every player in the lobby needs to change this setting, not just the group leader.