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The Zelda-Inspired Sci-Fi Game You Can Play On Nintendo Switch

It's not unusual for game developers to be inspired by other games. Sometimes, this inspiration leads to seemingly direct clones, such as the "Breath of the Wild" clone that caused an uproar in 2019, "Genshin Impact." In fact, "Zelda" clones are a popular genre all on their own, and many titles use the same topdown playstyle that early "Zelda" games pioneered. That being said, many of the games inspired by "Zelda" have a personality all their own, including one new title that takes the spirit of "Zelda" and morphs it into something completely different.


Developer Tiny Roar created a sci-fi game inspired by the "Zelda" series in more ways than one. In fact, the publishers used the term "Zelda-like" to explain the game, giving players tons of information with a short phrase. Tiny Roar's "Xel" doesn't just copy what makes "Zelda" great, though. Instead, it gives players something new and surprisingly rich. 

Experience the world of Xel on Nintendo Switch

"Xel" hit the Nintendo Switch on July 14, 2022, and it's the perfect game for anyone who loves science fiction or "Zelda"-likes. "Xel" follows Reid, who crash lands on a mysterious planet called XEL and experiences a nasty bout of amnesia. Players must help Reid remember who she is as she explores the vast planet, finding tools and pals along the way. Reid can also travel through time and space, fully taking advantage of the sci-fi themes of the game. 


The gameplay is full of puzzles, unique characters, and secrets to uncover. There's also an in-depth combat system that involves combos, parrying, and gadgets that players can find and upgrade. Of course, there are also dungeons that players will have to explore in the classic top-down format that the "Zelda" series made famous.

Whether you've only played "Breath of the Wild" or you've played every "Zelda" game on release, "Xel" is the perfect title to try. It will certainly fulfill players' need for adventure and mystery.