Is Rumbleverse Cross-Platform?

"Rumbleverse," a brand-new wrestling battle royale game from Iron Galaxy, is officially launching as a free-to-play game on August 11. The game will not be in early access, but will instead join a full initial release. Even better? The first season of content will launch a week later on August 18. The 40-person battle royale takes place in Grapital City and focuses on melee combat and wrestling. Players can use different items as weapons and also use wrestling moves like power bombs to take down their foes. Since this is a free-to-play multiplayer game, many are wondering if it has cross-play.


While there is currently tons of competition in the battle royale space, players will want to wait and see if this is one of the best or one of the worst. Still, "Rumbleverse" stands out with its focus on melee combat, with all the camp of a wrestling show. Will friends be able to join in on the fight, no matter what console they enjoy? Is "Rumbleverse" cross-platform?

Rumbleverse is cross-platform

"Rumbleverse" is launching on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and it will support cross-play. While Iron Galaxy hasn't plastered that information all over the internet, it did hold a cross-platform play test back in June. An official blog post states that the test is to ensure that players from different platforms can all play together without any massive hiccups or bugs. Because of this play test, we can confirm that "Rumbleverse" is indeed cross-platform.


Iron Galaxy also confirmed to GamesBeat that the game features cross-progression as well, so players can pick up "Rumbleverse" on a different platform and still have access to all of their items and unlocks. That means players can move between systems whenever they feel like it. "Rumbleverse" is set to launch as a free-to-play game on August 11, letting players fulfill their dreams of being a pro wrestler while also duking it out with 39 other people online.