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F1 Manager 2022 Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay

If you're a fan of Formula 1 racing — be it through being a motorsports enthusiast or as someone who has become enthralled by the controversial "Drive to Survive" Netflix series — things have never been more exciting than they are now. After 4 straight seasons of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes dominating the V6 era, Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen cracked the code in 2021 by winning the World Drivers' Championship. On top of that, the 2022 F1 season introduced new regulations that have drastically changed the landscape of racing's premier discipline and have somewhat evened the playing field. These changes and innovations greatly impact individual drivers, but they equally (if not more so) impact teams and how they engineer these astounding racing machines.


To anyone who is a fan of the sport, driving a Formula 1 car is surely a dream, but managing a team is a unique challenge that is also appealing. This is where a game like "F1 Manager 2022" comes in. As opposed to a game like the EA-published and Codemasters-developed "F1 22" which puts players in the driver's seat, "F1 Manager 2022" — developed and self-published by Frontier Developments — puts you in the chair of a team principal responsible for optimizing the performance of a team, its cars, and personnel.

What is the release date of F1 Manager 2022?

"F1 Manager 2022" will be released on August 30, 2022, towards the latter end of the 2022 F1 season. The sim game will be released across different generations and platforms and will be available on the Xbox Series X|S, PkayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC. The release of "F1 Manager 2022" will mark the first entry into the sim series since the release of the original EA "F1 Manager" game in 2000.


Though the "F1 Manager" series has been dormant for over two decades, the hole left in the team principal/racing sim genre was largely filled by the unlicensed "Motorsport Manager" which was released in 2015 and received regular updates and patches through 2017. Since then, however, gamers and F1 fans who are more fascinated by the inner working of race teams and constructors have been largely unattended to. Therefore, releasing "F1 Manager 2022" at the peak of F1's international popularity seems like good business on Frontier Development's part.

Is there a trailer for F1 Manager 2022?

A gameplay trailer for "F1 Manager 2022" was released on June 7, 2022. Running at just under 2 minutes long, the trailer shows drivers racing at iconic F1 tracks such as the Albert Park Circuit in Australia and Baku in Azerbaijan with additional commentary provided by legendary F1 play-by-play man David Croft. Unlike past motorsport manager games that prioritizes fine-tuned gameplay to graphical presentation, the trailer for "F1 Manager 2022" showcases the game's stunning visuals and fidelity.


In addition to showcasing all the ways players can optimize the performance of their team's cars, the trailer also puts an emphasis on the classic F1 presentation by featuring radio calls between drivers and teams that were seemingly lifted from real-life communications. Phrases such as "I lost power," seem to indicate that the game will feature real-time comms between team engineers and drivers to reflect car performance mid-race.

What is the gameplay like in F1 Manager 2022?

If players wish to have the experience of driving an F1 car, then "F1 Manager 2022" will likely not be for them. Instead, the game will attempt to capture the pressure that team principals such as Christian Horner of Red Bull or Toto Wolff of Mercedes feel by finding ways to innovate their racing machines to compete with the remainder of the F1 grid. Similar to a series like "Football Manager," the experience in "F1 Manager 2022" will revolve around players hiring and firing drivers, crew members, as well as innovating individual car components and then watching the action unfold to see if you've made the right decisions.


In order to fully replicate the drama and challenges that come with an F1 Grand Prix, Frontier Developments will allow players to select driver strategies, manage facilities, develop parts, and even fall victim to things like red flags and off-season regulation changes. In addition to Formula One, "F1 Manager 2022" will also feature the full licenses from feeder formulas such as Formula 2 and Formula 3.