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The Quarry's Siobhan Williams On The Shot Of Her Character In The Game That's 'Gross And Disturbing' To See - Exclusive

This article contains spoilers from "The Quarry."

Horrors abound in the new interactive video game "The Quarry," and while star Siobhan Williams was privy to the behind-the-scenes magic that brought the frightening tale to life, she admits there are still some images she wishes she could unsee.


New in stores and online, "The Quarry" begins with a daunting prologue in which camp counselors Laura Kearney (Siobhan Williams) and Max Brinly (Skyler Gisondo) encounter a creepy local sheriff, Travis Hackett (Ted Raimi), after the couple's car runs off the road in a remote wooded area in Upstate New York. Ignoring Travis' advice to find lodging at the nearby Harbinger Motel, the couple ventures on to Hackett's Quarry, where they are supposed to meet up with seven other camp counselors. When they arrive, the nightmare begins as the rest of the Hackett family begins to emerge — along with a horrifying curse that will eventually put all nine counselors' lives in deadly peril.

Directed by "Until Dawn" helmer Will Byles, "The Quarry" is filled with the blood, gore, and impending doom akin to several horror film classics, yet the game has its own unique horror sensibilities — including the literally explosive ways some of its characters transform. Williams told Looper in an exclusive interview that while she put her imagination to work while performing Laura via motion capture, her first look at the final photoreal rendering of the game took her aback.


"It's very weird. Will explained once, 'You're going to be covered in blood,' and I [replied], 'Oh, cool.' And then I saw it, and I [said], 'That is a lot of blood.' It was really cool," Williams said. "I found all the things that they did really impactful, and I was definitely pretty grossed out."

However, there was one particular visual that grossed Williams out more than others — and another she still has stuck in her mind.

Williams was disturbed by the shot of Laura losing an eye

While players choose their own paths throughout "The Quarry," some moments can't be avoided, like when Laura loses an eye after another character violently whips a chain her way. Williams said the impact of the moment really didn't hit her until she caught a screenshot of the moment.


"At the beginning of the game, everyone looks great and hunky dory, and then, as they get more and more messed up, when you pause, it'll be a much more unpleasant face," Williams explained. "Someone posted a screenshot from the game immediately after my eye had been ripped out but before I bandaged it up. It was me with a gaping hole in my eye and I remember feeling, 'Ugh. That's very gross and disturbing.' To say the least, it was very exciting to see how it ended up — and people's reactions."

The horrific shot aside, Williams said "The Quarry" on the whole doesn't frighten her the same way it will unnerve gamers, mainly because of her close association with the project. But there is another moment she's still trying to purge from her memory banks.


"Because of my role and being so in awe of all of the work that went into it behind it — I am in awe of it — It doesn't creep me out so much. The one thing that really stuck with me, and I actually can't watch — I have to look away — is when Constance [Lin Shaye] gets her face blown off," Williams described. "That is so graphic, and I can picture it right now, talking about it, and it makes me sick. It's disgusting and it's my fault. There's definitely certain images in the game that stuck with me and that I would like to unsee, but I can't ... I'm [like], 'Wow, that's amazingly graphic.'"

"The Quarry" is new in stores and online from Supermassive Games and 2K Games.