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Stormgate - What We Know So Far

There are several great games coming up that no one's talking about, and 2022's PC Gaming Show only added to the list. One such option is "Stormgate," a real-time strategy title from developer Frost Giant. When it comes to the genre, titles like "Starcraft" and "Age of Empires" have been some of the most popular. Real-time strategy has also served as a well-liked component in other categories, with some of the best RPGs utilizing the style.


Prospective players can find a lot of promising information about "Stormgate." It's a free-to-play offering developed with Unreal Engine 5, which might be enough for some on its own. However, with multiple modes already announced — including a campaign — the RTS is poised to appeal to a lot of different people. Whether you're looking for heart-pounding, multiplayer action or a fun co-op endeavor, "Stormgate" could be the next best game for you.

What is the release date for Stormgate?

There's no official release date for "Stormgate," but there will be a beta test in 2023. Luckily, it's pretty easy to sign up – all you have to do is go to the official website and enter your email address. Since the game is free-to-play, there's no harm in signing up for the beta if you're even remotely interested in it.


The developers are experienced with real-time strategy games. According to the Steam description, the team bringing the project to life has worked on iconic titles in the genre like "Warcraft 3" and "Starcraft 2." Considering the know-how these individuals have brought to the table, hopefully there won't be any delays and the beta will run smoothly when it goes live.

In an AMA on Reddit, game director Tim Campbell explained that the various betas the game should have won't run for long, especially in the early days. The developers plan to get the community feedback they need, improve "Stormgate," and roll it out instead of letting it sit in beta for an extended period.

Is there a trailer for Stormgate?

"Stormgate" was featured at the 2022 PC Gaming Show with a cinematic announcement trailer that highlights the feel of the RTS. In the sequence, a doctor and/or researcher in a futuristic, sci-fi world uses some sort of holographic scanner to simulate the original appearances of long-ruined statues. When they interact with one of these projections using a glowing stone, metal buried in the surrounding area flies together to create a physical shield. This prompts an attack from a winged beast, and a fight ensues when mechs arrive to back the researcher up.


While visually impressive, the scene doesn't explain much about "Stormgate." A few days after Frost Giant released the cinematic trailer, a developer update video came out that offers a bit of gameplay. In it, the team refers to the game as the "first truly social RTS," showing off three-player co-p gameplay against bots.

What's the gameplay like in Stormgate?

Based on the Steam page, "Stormgate" will offer a little bit of everything. Fantasy and sci-fi elements combine to create an epic story experienced via the campaign mode — with or without friends. Massive battles unfold across a host of story missions chronicling the conflict between humans and the hellish Infernals. Gamers can ally with either faction as they collect resources, construct bases, and lead their units to victory.


"Stormgate" also includes a competitive mode where players can take on each other and climb the ranked ladder in one-versus-one battles. Frost Giant has already set its sights on a thriving esports scene, touting a tournament mode and a way to qualify for pro matches from within the game itself.

In case you're more of the creative type, "Stormgate" has that covered, too. Create mini-games and even your own missions in the editor mode. When you're done, publish your work online so that others can play it, or check out creations from around the world.