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Eternights - What We Know So Far

Announced during the June 2022 State of Play, "Eternights” is an upcoming hack-and-slash JRPG that focuses on combat and dating. Developed by Studio Sai, the "Persona"-inspired game looks to fill the gap as fans wait for the announcement of "Persona 6." Based on the Steam description, something causes humans to turn into monsters bent on destruction and violence. You are tasked with not only defeating them and searching for a cure, but also protecting those you love during the end of the world.


When players are running through dungeons or scavenging supplies, they can choose to spend time with five other characters, exploring their stories and gaining access to special combat abilities. Similar to "Persona" the title features a calendar system where every day you must choose what to spend your time on before time runs out completely. Here is everything you should know about "Eternights."

Eternights platforms and release date

Studio Sai has confirmed that "Eternights" will release for PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime in early 2023. One Twitter user also shared a screenshot of a DM they claimed to have received from a developer, which said "Eternights" would make its way to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch sometime after launch, although no time frame for that was confirmed.


While the early 2023 window implies the title will arrive soon, many games have been delayed in recent years. This is also the first project from a small indie developer, so fans shouldn't be shocked if the launch slips to later in the year. That said, the trailer for "Eternights" highlights a strong mix of cinematics and gameplay, so it seems like Studio Sai waited until the game was ready to be shown to reveal it.

Eternights trailer

The "Eternights" reveal trailer focuses on a variety of different aspects of the game. It establishes the story, where a small group of people are left to try and cure humanity. The main protagonist appears to lose his right arm in a fight, but grows back a glowing version as part of the powers he uses to fight the monsters. In addition to the lead, there are four supporting characters: Sia, Yuna, Min, and Yohan. Sia, Yuna, and Min appear to be dateable and available in combat, but there is very little footage of Yohan that indicates how he is involved.


Narrative moments seem to be a mix of 3D cutscenes where you can make dialogue choices and 2D painted anime scenes. The trailer moves fast and cuts a ton of details together, such as intense battles showing off weapons and powers, school and subway interludes, and more quiet, romantic moments.

Eternights gameplay

The Steam description for "Eternights" makes it sound like a dungeon crawler, which lines up with the few bits shown so far. The main protagonist fights a large enemy with his magic arm, which turns into a sword. It's unclear from the trailer, but there were several button prompts on screen during the battle, either displaying the attack combos or implying the occasional quick time event. Most of the fights featured include a single, large enemy, so it's uncertain how many foes you will take on at once.


Investing in your relationships with the supporting cast makes them stronger in combat, granting access to more spells and skills. Players will have traps, puzzles, and dancing mini-games contend with as they train, explore dungeons, and level up. The player character also drives through a tunnel on a motorcycle in the reveal trailer, so there might be other ways to navigate the dungeons than on foot.