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MultiVersus: How Much Does It Cost To Unlock Everything?

"MultiVersus" is possibly one of the most interesting games on the horizon. In the same vein as other contemporaries such as "Super Smash Bros.," "MultiVersus" pits several characters from pop culture against each other in a round of fisticuffs to see who will reign supreme. These include characters from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and Turner Entertainment among others. Overall, the concept behind the game has made a good impression among prospective buyers and fans of the classic IPs that are represented. But, eing a free-to-play title, "MultiVersus" will undoubtedly have its share of microtransactions in order for the game to eventually turn a profit.

With the game still not due out until the end of July, many players who have gotten their hands on the open beta for "MultiVersus" have gotten the opportunity to get an early look as to what the damage will be when it comes to microtransactions. Given the recent controversies behind games such as "Diablo Immortal" — another free-to-play title — and "Gran Turismo 7," many gamers might be worried that a game like "MultiVersus" could exploit the free-to-play model and essentially become pay-to-win. Fortunately, "MultiVersus" doesn't seemingly come with any pay-to-win traps, but there are plenty of cosmetics and other unlockables that require real-life money for you to access them. But how much money will players have to part with to unlock everything the game has to offer?

It will cost around $255 to unlock everything in MultiVersus

Within "MultiVersus," there are two different kinds of currencies that players can attain: coins and Gleamium. Coins are accrued organically from playing the game and can be used to unlock a fair bit of content. Gleamium, however, is only attainable by paying real-life cash and is the only currency with which some cosmetics can be unlocked. According to calculations done by Chris Scullion of VGC, it could cost "MultiVersus" players upwards of 30,000 Gleamium — which costs about $255 (USD) — for them to unlock every cosmetic available in the game when only accounting for unlocks 

It is also worth taking into account that, according to Scullion, only four of the game's 16 characters are available immediately upon opening the game. Wonder Woman can be unlocked by completing a tutorial, while the other characters must be unlocked by purchasing them with coins. Players can, however, completely bypass this need to grind by paying 7,700 Gleamium, which would cost $70.

While "MultiVersus" isn't technically a pay-to-win title, players who have enough cash in the reserves will not only have access to all of the current in-game cosmetics, but also will have a shortcut to any character they're not willing to grind for.