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Inside: How Many Collectible Orbs Are There?

Platforming has arguably been one of the most popular gaming genres throughout the industry's history. Whether it's incredible first-party titles like "Super Mario" or indie hits like "Celeste," it's hard to deny the category's stellar reputation. One of the most beloved platformers in recent years was "Inside," which follows a boy trying to stay alive in a dystopian world. The indie gem combines puzzles and platforming with moody art and sound design to deliver an intense if unnerving experience, earning "Inside" an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.

According to Howlongtobeat.com, it takes about four hours to reach the entry's confusing ending. The conclusion of "Inside" might arrive quickly, but there are plenty of activities to pursue beyond the core narrative. One aspect players can focus on is unplugging all the orbs scattered throughout the environments to unlock the game's secret ending and learn more about the protagonist.

Luckily, there aren't too many orbs in "Inside," and they're pretty easy to find.

All of Inside's mysterious collectible orbs

The orbs in "Inside" resemble glowing spheres connected to yellow wires. All in all, there are 14 of these collectibles that need to be unplugged throughout the game.

Sometimes it's not as simple as walking up and interacting with the orbs to complete your objective -– you may need to move objects around in order to access the plugs, and it can prove to be a real puzzle determining how to work with them. Certain orbs are hidden in places you may not even realize you can go, like holes in a wall or areas you discover in the middle of being attacked.

Finding the orbs adds an extra challenge to "Inside" that rewards the player with more understanding of the story, which can be a bit vague and bewildering unless you look closely.