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Why Valve Just Issued A Weather Warning For Steam Deck

It's another summer week, and another heatwave. As we get towards the tail-end of July, over 85% of Americans are expected to face temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the upcoming weekend (via Axios). A similar heatwave in Europe has spread from the UK and has now engulfed Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, and Spain, causing wildfires and even leading to deaths. It seems that no matter where you look, the summer heat been everywhere. It's unavoidable influence can be felt in every aspect of daily life — and as it turns out, that includes smaller, unexpected activities such as gaming. 

Earlier this month, Nintendo Switch owners were given a weather advisory speaking to the ill effects the extreme summer can have on the hybrid handheld console and its performance. Just weeks later, owners of Valve's Steam Deck — a handheld gaming computer similar to the Switch — have received a similar type of advisory. But what exactly does this weather advisory entail, and what steps should you take to prevent your Steam Deck device from falling victim to recent extreme temperatures?

Extremely hot temperatures will throttle your Steam Deck's performance

The Steam Deck is a mobile PC, which means it requires a bit more maintenance than many other handhelds on the market. According to Valve, the little machine is capable of running virtually any game you can think of "without any issues." Despite that, the Steam Deck has a few prerequisites for optimal performance, one of which is the temperature you're playing it in.

According to the new weather advisory issued by Valve, it is recommended that Steam Deck owners play the console in cooler temperatures. "Steam Deck performs at its best in ambient temperatures between 0° [32 degrees Fahrenheit] and 35° C [95 degrees Fahrenheit]," the advisory says. "If the temperature gets higher than this, Steam Deck may start to throttle performance to protect itself."

Valve would follow up by saying that the Steam Deck's APU would only begin throttling at 100°C (212 degrees Fahrenheit). Should it reach 105°C, it will shut down automatically to avoid causing permanent damage to both the unit and its owner. In other words, you might want to avoid taking your Steam Deck out to the beach in the immediate future.