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Stray: How To Get The Can't Cat-Ch Me Trophy

The life of a trophy hunter looking to unlock every achievement in a game ain't easy. Neither is the life of a stray cat as it traverses a treacherous, decaying, and humanless cyberpunk society, discovering one of its oldest mysteries in the process. The critically acclaimed "Stray" offers both of these experiences in one very well-executed — and adorable — package. And one of the hardest achievements to collect is arguably the "Can't Cat-ch Me" trophy.

The "Can't Cat-ch Me" trophy is accessible relatively early in the game during the "Dead City" chapter when the stray cat encounters a group of Zurk — a weird and creepy bacteria somewhat similar to the Flood seen in the "Halo" series — for the first time. The goal is then to escape them without letting them grab on to you for too long. The mission itself is pretty straightforward and isn't likely to give players too difficult a time. 

But achieving the "Can't Cat-ch Me" trophy takes a lot more than just seeing the pursuit through — it requires absolute perfection. In order to get it, you can't let any of the Zurk latch on to you; not even once. If any of them do, the trophy becomes unachievable and you must immediately restart. Restarting will send you back to the beginning of the pursuit. Here's everything you need to do to collect the "Can't Cat-ch Me" achievement in "Stray."

Evasion is key to getting Stray's Can't Cat-ch Me trophy

The task of outrunning the Zurk in Dead City without so much as a scratch is a difficult one. Players will be confronted by droves of these creepy-crawly things as they pursue in groups of anywhere from a handful to a whole gang. Beyond their sheer numbers, the Zurk are great at closing distances with both formidable speed and an impressive jump range. This will likely make getting as far away from them as possible the first goal in players' minds, but this isn't the best approach.

The key to this pursuit is quick, evasive movement. Move in a zig-zag motion as you run away from the Zurk. When you approach a group, get as close as you can before quickly juking around them. Sometimes evasive action isn't in turning away from the cluster of Zurk, it's turning into them. For instance, if you are hugging the right side of an alleyway and some Zurk appear at the left, don't be afraid to suddenly change your path to go through them. Just make sure they've committed to jumping before you make your move, otherwise they'll likely latch on.

As with any video game dependent on motion and terrain traversal, some trial-and-error will be in order. You will probably fail this task multiple times, so try to be as patient as you can be and take note of where each group of Zurk spawns as you progress. If you follow these steps, you should eventually get to the end of the pursuit with your cute and cuddly avatar not receiving so much as a scratch.