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Turbo Golf Racing Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

There is a wide range of popular racing games, but sometimes it's more exciting to experience one a bit off the beaten path. In a world where franchises like "Forza," "Dirt," and "Gran Turismo" dominate, a title that fuses the thrill of racing with a giant, whimsical version of golf offers a welcome change of pace. Enter "Turbo Golf Racing."

"Turbo Golf Racing" has been in the works for over three years. It'll be the second release from the England-based indie team at Hugecalf Studios, also known for its work on 2019 title "When Ski Lifts Go Wrong." As its name suggests, the construction puzzler has a goofy bend as well, and the combination of satisfying gameplay and humorous antics led to it receiving Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Given the past success of Hugecalf's work and the concept of "Turbo Golf Racing," there's reason to believe it could be a hit for its target audience — if not a hole in one. Here are all the details available about the game as it stands.

What is the release date for Turbo Golf Racing?

After completing its second open beta from June 11-20, "Turbo Golf Racing" has seen many updates, as documented in the official patch notes. In addition to the three-year time table, the team at Hugecalf cited two lockdowns, 12 developers, and 10,000 coffees as important pieces of the puzzle that led to where the game is today. In other words, it's been a long time coming for "Turbo Golf Racing."

After a multi-year development process, "Turbo Golf Racing" is finally close enough to taste. As announced at the June 2022 Future Games Showcase, "Turbo Golf Racing" now has an official release date: August 4, 2022. The title will be available on PC via Steam, as well as Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. Right now, there's no price listed for "Turbo Golf Racing," though the $15 price tag for "When Ski Lifts Go Wrong" suggests it should be affordable.

Is there a trailer for Turbo Golf Racing?

There are two trailers for "Turbo Golf Racing." Both cover similar material and run around a minute in length.

The March 2022 announcement trailer opens at the start of a track/fairway with giant balls of all shapes and sizes ranging from beach ball to baseball to disco ball and more. Next, cars blast off and launch the balls onto the twisting track that's floating in the sky, complete with trees, clouds, waterfalls and plenty of chaotic obstacles. The race continues as a car gains a speed boost that lights its wheels ablaze and does a flip over a sand trap. Cars continue pushing their balls and maneuvering through the crowded and hazardous conditions until they pass through the large, floating holes to accelerate until they reach the finish hole that marks the end of the level. A big trophy appears as various car designs are highlighted, followed by the end screen.

The June 2022 gameplay trailer from the Future Games Showcase focuses on a similarly formatted race with the addition of text to explain gameplay. The first text tidbit reveals that the game is for up to eight players as footage shows cars punting their balls through the funky fairway and an intriguing rocket launcher that can distract opponents. The next text break reveals that there will be 30 levels, and gameplay continues until more text draws attention to over 100 unlockable items, including all kinds of balls and cars. There's a quick look at a wider variety of levels with tunnels, power-ups, and other obstacles until the end screen appears.

What will gameplay be like in Turbo Golf Racing?

The gameplay in "Turbo Golf Racing" is fairly easy to deduce from the trailers, though illuminating details from a blog by Hugecalf Studios director and producer Jonny Hughes paint an even clearer picture. The arcade-style title can accommodate up to eight online players who must propel a giant golf ball towards the finish hole in a fast-paced race. Though it shines brightest as a multiplayer experience, "Turbo Golf Racing" will also offer a solo mode so players can enjoy it on all occasions.

Players get around in decked-out vehicles with power-ups as unique as their paint jobs. In addition to shields, boosters, and the like, gamers can unlock special Power Cores to add to their vehicles, such as the Ground Stomp. Aesthetics include some cars designed by particularly talented players, like this cute and quirky egg design. Given the emphasis on community involvement in the game's production, as well as the detailed patch notes fueled by beta feedback, it seems likely "Turbo Golf Racing" will receive updates as needed.

Summing it all up, Hughes shared his and his team's goal for "Turbo Golf Racing:" "From the very start of development, we wanted to make 'Turbo Golf Racing' a casually competitive multiplayer game that's both welcoming and chaotic." He hopes it will be a great time whether players win or lose. Gamers will get the chance to find out for themselves on August 4, 2022.