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The Entropy Centre - What We Know So Far

An unconventional first-person adventure waits on the horizon, calling to fans of puzzles, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic settings. "The Entropy Centre" tasks the player with solving puzzles with the help of a friendly AI named Astra that acts as a real-life remote control – she can rewind time. As the only human left after the destruction of the Earth, it's up to Alya Adams and her Handheld Entropy Device to discover the dark truth hidden within a massive space station (and maybe even save mankind in the process).


"The Entropy Centre" made its way into the public eye in June 2022 with the release of fresh game footage, putting some serious "Portal" and "Quantum Break" vibes on display. Developer Stubby Games and publisher Playstack have shared a fair amount of information about the title, painting a vivid picture of what's to come. Though these are still the early days, here's what we know so far.

Does The Entropy Centre have a release date?

Those hoping to get their hands on "The Entropy Centre" will be able to mark their calendars, but in the vaguest sense possible. As of now, there's no solid release date for the game. However, there is a launch window, giving prospective players an idea of when to expect it. According to the gameplay feature, "The Entropy Centre" will arrive at some point in 2022. In the footage, the year appears as "2099" until the numbers tick back to a more realistic period – a nod to the time-bending theme.


"The Entropy Centre" will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It seems to be the England-based Stubby Games' first release. Publisher Playstack, also located in the U.K., has a bit more experience. Playstack entry "Mortal Shell" is considered one of 2020's hidden gems, while titles as diverse as "Doctor Who: The Edge of Time" and "Rise of the Slime" also feature on its list of past works. Hopefully, "The Entropy Centre" will be a breakout hit for both companies.

Is there a trailer for The Entropy Centre?

There's one trailer for "The Entropy Centre," and it provides a solid overview of both plot and gameplay mechanics. The action kicks off in a first-person perspective as the player fires the game's signature time-bending AI device. After solving a puzzle and entering the Entropy Control Deck, Alya asks Astra what's next. An incinerated Earth is visible through a window, and the AI announces that its temperature is approaching a million degrees Celsius.


There are more shots of the mysterious space station interior as Astra provides further details about the situation at hand. In her words, "Puzzles are the most efficient way of generating entropy energy. As an Entropy Centre employee, the continued existence of this nation and Earth depends on your energy generation." An explosion outside follows, and the protagonist falls into a dilapidated section of the shelter as the AI celebrates their survival.

Alya goes on to solve more puzzles in locations ranging from a beach environment to a dark warehouse, walking through the steps in the process: "So, solve puzzle. Brain hurts. Generate energy. Then rewind Earth." The AI confirms this mission as more puzzles appear, until a warning of a coming impact causes more chaos. There are many quick shots of the fiery Earth, explosions, and more gameplay until everything runs back in reverse and the end screen appears.


What's the gameplay like in The Entropy Centre?

In addition to the robust gameplay preview provided in the trailer for "The Entropy Centre," the game's official website spells out further details of what to expect. The introduction sums it up well: "Think in reverse. Outsmart the impossible. A mind-bending first-person adventure where you solve ingenious and complex puzzles by rewinding objects through time."


As seen in the trailer, the puzzles in "The Entropy Centre" are dynamic in that they're 3D, large, and often involve manipulating a room full of objects. By completing puzzles, players can take steps towards the heart of the space station that's orbiting Earth. A tool and a character, Astra's role in the game is pivotal. She's also known to reheat cups of tea with her powers, which is a nice touch. It'll be interesting to see just how challenging and detailed the game is once it releases sometime in 2022.