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How Long Does It Take To Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Fresh off the heels of "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" in 2017 — widely considered one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch — fans are now being treated to a third title in the "Xeno" subseries with "Xenoblade Chronicles 3," due out for release on July 29, 2022. While fans of the JRPG series had always wished for a third installment, it was unknown whether or not one would be made or not until Nintendo surprised everyone back in February with the formal announcement of "Xenoblade Chronicles 3." To make things even better, it wouldn't be long before fans of the series could get their hands on the newest installment, as a release date for September 2022 was initially announced, only for it to be later pushed forward to July.

With the previous two releases in the subseries being released to critical acclaim, hope is high for "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" to be yet another immersive and engaging open-world title anchored by a thrilling narrative and loveable characters. However, another equally pertinent question pertains to how long the game will keep players occupied, and how many hours it takes to conquer the meat of the game. The reviews are now in, and here's how long it takes to beat "Xenoblade Chronicles 3."

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers over 100 hours of content

If there's one thing about JRPGs that fans should know by now, it's that they're typically pretty long and will take a concerted effort to complete. In this regard, "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" is no different, with many reviewers noting the game's length when evaluating it. In her review for The Verge, Ash Parrish said that after 25 hours into the experience, she were in no way close to done with it. "'Xenoblade Chronicles 3' is the perfect game to get you through the annual summer drought of video game releases precisely because it is a game that seemingly goes on forever," Parrish said in her review.

And that's not even close to the amount of hours you can pour into the game. In his review, Travis Northup of IGN said that "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" took over a whopping 150 hours to complete and that he enjoyed most of the experience, except for a few "meandering" quests and the constant barrage of tutorial cards that appeared throughout. In a rather underwhelmed review of the game, Jason Guisao of Game Informer didn't reveal exactly how many hours he spent with "Xenoblade Chronicles 3," but did note that it was in the dozens.

Given the information available, it's safe to say that if you plan on playing "Xenoblade Chronicles 3," you can expect for your playthrough to exceed the 100-hour mark. If you're short on time and want a more truncated experience, this could be a problem, but if you have time to spare, "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" will surely keep you preoccupied.