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Diablo Immortal's Battle Pass Is An XP Disaster

It seems like the blows just keep on rolling in for "Diablo Immortal," as a large number of players have reported major issues with the title's battle pass and XP rewards. It's almost as if an ill wind has followed "Diablo Immortal" since it was revealed. Announced amid boos and onlookers asking if Blizzard was serious, fans were initially disappointed with "Diablo Immortal." When the it was finally released, critics were surprised to find an enjoyable experience, but the community of players at large soon discovered the game felt pay-to-win in ways that were even worse than fans expected. The game even crossed an unfortunate milestone of becoming the worst-rated Blizzard title on Metacritic.

In the wake of that uproarious launch, somehow, "Diablo Immortal" has proved it won't be slowed down by controversy. The title has puttered on, even as "Diablo 4" makes moves to actively distances itself from the mobile-first title. With so much working against "Diablo Immortal," it seems like any one mishap could be the straw that breaks the camel's back and destroys what little good will players still have for the title. As it turns out, that straw could be the fact that many players are no longer being properly rewarded for sticking with the embattled game.

Diablo Immortal players are losing millions of XP

Players in "Diablo Immortal" are finding that there's an issue with the in-game battle pass and the xp rewarded for leveling it up. Commenters on Reddit have widely reported that a bug makes it appear as if players' are leveling up their battle pass — even playing the accompanying animation — only to find that they are not being rewarded with experience points. Considering some players have claimed to have lost upwards of 5 million EP in a game that's already notoriously grindy, this is becoming a big problem for the community.

Blizzard initially responded to the bug, pushing out a hotfix aimed at solving the issue, saying, "XP in various Battle Pass tasks were not being rewarded to players. There was a hotfix to address this and the team is going through to calculate each individuals lost XP through the time periods affected by this bug. We have this data. The XP will be delivered once we go through the data." 

However, players have reported mixed results with this solution. Some claim the hotfix solved the battle pass XP issue and that they're now gaining XP as levels are earned, but they  stillhaven't been rewarded any of the XP they missed while affected by the bug. Of course, this likely means the XP data hasn't been fully looked over yet, but it's still led to some swearing off the title until all of their earned XP is restored.