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Disguised Toast Is Sick Of Hearing This From PewDiePie Fans

Streamers unfortunately have to get used to fans crossing their boundaries. While viewers might expect to find terrible things in the darkest corners of Twitch, viewers are increasingly demanding of mainstream gamers' time and energy. Difficulty in interacting with fans is one reason why streamers need hiatuses in order to recalibrate and feel some sense of normalcy. Disguised Toast recently took a trip to Japan with his pals at OfflineTV and decided to extend his stay a few days to continue exploring the beautiful country. However, fans had other ideas, and began constructing theories about what sort of content Toast could be cooking up while abroad. Mostly, viewers just really wanted Toast to meet PewDiePie, and the streamer was absolutely not entertaining that idea.


PewDiePie recently revealed that his dream finally came true: he, his wife Marzia, and their two pugs moved to Japan after nearly two years of waiting for Japan to reopen its borders. After visiting Japan, PewDiePie and Marzia decided to make a big move, but were unfortunately met with a global pandemic that delayed the transition. Now that PewDiePie is finally in Japan permanently, some of Toast's viewers thought that the two YouTubers might meet up for a collaboration. Unfortunately for some, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. Toast surprisingly got heated while discussing messages he'd received while on his trip, letting his chat know exactly where he stands on the issue.

Toast didn't want to interrupt PewDiePie's daily life

In a livestream from a hotel room, Disguised Toast told his fans that he had no intention of meeting PewDiePie while in Japan, and that suggesting he do so was sort of insulting. After one viewer asked if the two had met up, Toast sighed and said, "Chat, Japan has like, I don't know, a billion people. Why are you guys so obsessed with me meeting PewDiePie?" Disguised Toast then spoke directly to his mods, telling them to ban anyone that mentions PewDiePie.


But why would Toast want to avoid meeting another famous YouTube personality? The answer was fairly simple: it's cringe. He asked if he should simply email PewDiePie and suggest that they're both YouTubers and should meet up. "That's f***ing cringe, chat," he said. "Please let people live their lives."

Toast noted that PewDiePie probably doesn't want to be recognized while out and about in Japan, as he likely moved there to get a new perspective on things. "You guys are the reason why he moved to Japan," Toast argued. Toast said that the YouTuber likely grew tired of running into fans at every turn, and wanted to live somewhere where he could keep a lower profile without being bothered for pictures and autographs. "Let the man live his life," Toast concluded.


A quiet dinner would be nice

The sad thing is, Disguised Toast was absolutely right. PewDiePie revealed his favorite thing about Japan, saying that he enjoys being able to live a more private life in Japan. Fewer people recognize him there, and those that do typically only say hello politely. Many fans urged Disguised Toast to track down his fellow YouTuber, which seemed to make Toast irritated. However, just weeks earlier he had played with the idea of having a peaceful dinner.


In a previous livestream, Disguised Toast responded a bit more calmly to fan requests for him to meet up with PewDiePie. "The vibe I get from PewDiePie is that he likes to be chill," Toast explained. Demanding to meet because the pair both make online content would feel weird, Toast said, but a quiet dinner might feel more inviting. Toast said that he might ask PewDiePie out to dinner, sans cameras.

Toast worried that PewDiePie might not even want to meet with him since they'd previously only met in a couple of times online while playing "Among Us." Regardless of if the pair plan to meet or not, it's great to see streamers respecting each other's boundaries.