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Live A Live: How To Beat Lord Iwama

The "Live A Live" remake for Switch put a classic and beloved JRPG in the hands of a worldwide audience for the first time. While the 1994 title has mostly changed aesthetically since its debut, it proves its gameplay experimentation is still a success all these years later, leaving players wondering what chapter they should start with and how they can get the game's true ending. Though critics did find some faults with the entry by today's standards, many still considered it well worth players' time. 

What wins fans over isn't a 60-hour story or over-the-top visuals — it's the almost anthology feel, splitting content up into chapters scattered across history. Among the various places "Live A Live" implores players to explore, the Twilight of Edo Japan bolsters one of the more daunting challenges: a secret fight against the giant fish Lord Iwama. Here's where to find this scaly boss and how to take it down.

How to find Live A Live's Lord Iwama

Lord Iwama can be found in the second level of Lord Ode's moat, reached from the Path of Shuttered Lanterns or through the bottom of the Dungeons in the Keep. Finding Lord Iwama isn't a problem on its own; however, depending on whether players are going for a fully lethal or non-lethal run, there may be a step worth taking before pursuing the secret boss. As it turns out, if players earned the secret Mimic character O-Robo, it'll permanently die when it comes in contact with water. 

This poses an issue for players trying for a non-lethal run. To avoid the problem, make a return trip through the secret door in the tea room and follow that path until you encounter three guards blocking another door. After a short scene, O-Robo will explode, eliminating the guards and clearing the way for later. If players want to clear this chapter with full lethality, they'll want to let O-Robo die in the moat and take care of these guards personally later on. With that taken care of, head to the second level of the moat and seek out a large dark shape just below the water's surface.

How to defeat Lord Iwama

Lord Iwama may not look that imposing, as it's just a big fish — but this secret boss can cause plenty of frustration. The best way to tackle the fight is to bring the Prisoner party member along and split the duo up at the bottom of the arena. Lord Iwama may have size on its side, but positioning the Prisoner and Oboromaru just close enough to heal each other forces the boss to turn and face one character or the other. Utilizing moves like Dustveil and Shuriken Barrage will keep damage consistent while also potentially leaving debilitating effects on the boss.

The fishy foe will primarily use melee attacks, with one doing significantly more damage and adding a knock back effect. Otherwise, it's when Lord Iwama floods the arena with water that players really ought to worry. The boss will turn many of the arena's floor tiles into water tiles and Lord Iwama will heal while in these tiles. Players will need to act fast and ideally replace the water tiles underneath and nearby the foe. The Fireflies' Wake ability is a good way to turn the tables, transforming water tiles into fire tiles and offering some healing to Oboromaru. With some planning and a bit of luck, players should be able to skewer Lord Iwama and move on to the Twilight of Edo Japan's finale in "Live A Live."