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Live A Live: The Three Best Characters To Start With

There are plenty of amazing RPGs on every system imaginable, as the genre has been a staple in the industry for decades. Even if you think you've played every noteworthy RPG, there will always be a few classic RPGs that you've never played. One of the best RPGs of all time is "Live a Live," and it's recently been remade for the Nintendo Switch. Critics had great things to say about the remake, which features the same character storylines that the original did and makes for an impressive 20 hours of gameplay. With new visuals and an amazing cast of voice actors, the differences in the remake make it perfect for people who experienced the game in the '90s as well. Even better, the original "Live a Live" never made it to North America, so an entire group of people are now getting to experience the classic for the first time.


If you've ever played "Octopath Traveler," then you know exactly how thrilling multiple storylines can be. However, it's a challenge in games like these to figure out where to start. Luckily, there are a few characters that most people agree are good starting points, whether you're an RPG expert or brand new to the genre.

A story-based start with The Wanderer, or Cube

One way to approach the multiple storylines in "Live a Live" is to get invested in the game's world. If you enjoy story-based games in general, then this might be the perfect way for you to start. Cowboy, or The Wanderer, is the perfect choice for anyone looking to just get a feel for the game without worrying about the combat system, according to Reddit user Trjstqn. If you're new to turn-based combat games, this could be especially appealing – turn-based combat can be a bit tricky if you've never played it before, so getting a feel for the game first can be helpful.


Robot, or Cube, is another great start for these very same reasons, in Trjstqn's opinion. With little combat to focus on, it's easy to learn the world and not stress out over combat that might be confusing in the beginning.

Jump right into combat with Pogo

If you'd rather start with combat in the beginning, then Reddit user CarbunkleFlux recommended starting with Pogo, or the Caveman. According to the user, this is a great place to start in order to learn the combat system of "Live a Live." There are also plenty of opportunities to grind with this character, which makes combat more forgiving as you can control how over-leveled your character needs to be for your skill level. Plus, this chapter also acts as an opportunity for more practice with turn-based combat. Others found Pogo's story long-winded, which may impact how much a player enjoys the game in the beginning.


Although the game doesn't have a correct order to play through, starting with the beginning of human history sounds like a good place to start. However, if there's a particular character who you really resonate with, there's no reason to not start with them! "Live a Live" gives you the freedom to play how you want to.