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This Morbius Parody Game Has Fans Cracking Up

Sony and Marvel's vampire film "Morbius," starring eccentric lead man Jared Leto, took the internet by storm when it was released earlier this year — but not in the way the execs at Sony Pictures probably had hoped. Certainly nobody at Sony expected an indie game to be made that parodies the film's failures.


"Morbius," based around the "Blade" and "Spider-Man" antagonist, was maligned by critics and moviegoers for its nonsensical story, and Leto's notorious method acting antics were considered by some to be a hindrance to the film's production. Given its terrible reputation from the get-go, "Morbius" was a huge flop at the box office and subject to one of the biggest pile-ons in film history. And the jokes haven't stopped coming, with the very mention of "Morbius" becoming something of a meme in and of itself.

Predictably, "Morbius" hasn't fared too well on Rotten Tomatoes, having garnered positive reviews from a measly 16% of professional movie critics and earning the "Rotten" seal in the process. Now, one gaming enthusiast has done the impossible and has created a way for the often-ridiculed film and its leading man to possibly earn a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes — kind of. The result is a game called "Morbsweeper," and it's absolutely hilarious.


Morbsweeper sees Morbius try to collect a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

In a hilarious nod to the poor reputation surrounding "Morbius" and the absolute beating it received from film critics, animator LumpyTouch has created a game called "Morbsweeper," which parodies the reception to the movie and creates an alternate universe in which "Morbius" can become a critically acclaimed title and Leto can even win an Academy Award for it. Similar to PC classic "Minesweeper,' the game requires players to find tomatoes in order to improve their in-game score, all while avoiding the RT Rotten icons to prevent the score from going down. There is even a "Morb Mode," which provides a speed boost in-game.


While it would be completely fair to assume this is just a funny video someone on Twitter had produced, it is not. As a matter of fact, "Morbsweeper" is a real game created by a real person, and it is even available for free download should you be so curious. According to LumpyTouch, the game was made possible with coding by @qkjosh and music from @bran8bit.

As you might have guessed, the reactions to "Morbsweeper" have been hilarious, with users expressing legitimate shock and excitement that someone actually made this. Another commenter rated the game "one morbillion/10," which sounds like a good thing. But this is "Morbius" we're talking about here, so who knows?