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Live A Live: Why You Shouldn't Flee From Fights

"Live A Live," the HD-2D remake of a Square Enix RPG from 1994, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. While the remake is true to the original, lesser-known RPG, the new version has overhauled graphics and sound, giving it a modern feel. "Live A Live" is an RPG, where players must progress through multiple different storylines, which take place in different parts of history. It's shorter than some modern RPGs, only taking about 20 hours, unless you are aiming for a full completion.


While each of the eight stories have different styles, they all share one common factor: combat. Players will need to participate in fights in order to advance, although the option to flee from fights is in the game. While going through dozens of combat encounters can be tedious, there is a good reason to not skip out. Here's why you shouldn't use the option to flee from fights in "Live A Live."

You need to earn XP if you want to finish Live A Live

According to IGN, you need to finish fights and earn XP in "Live A Live" or you will struggle later in the game. Like many RPGs, as the game progresses enemies get more powerful and are at a higher level. If you don't fight enemies early on, you will have to grind later on if you want to beat bosses. This is especially important if you are trying to achieve the true ending of "Live a Live."


For the players looking to do the absolute minimum amount of work to get through "Live A Live," it's recommended that you get to at least level 16 before you start fleeing from fights regularly, as level 16 should be high enough to get through the majority of encounters without too much issue. Random encounters and grinding XP in RPGs can be annoying to some players, but it's baked into the difficulty that you must fight enemies and earn XP.