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Affogato - What We Know So Far

In indie RPG "Affogato," players step into the shoes of a sorceress and coffee shop owner acclimating to a new city. Thanks to her magical powers, Affogato can enter the minds of her patrons to help them with their internal struggles, strengthening the bonds between them in the process. Players must decide how to best allocate their time as they explore the 3D world of Arorua, forge friendships, and work to pay off their debt.


In addition to managing a café and building relationships with customers, "Affogato" offers a hybrid card battler/reversed tower defense system. These encounters unfold when Affogato slips into the thoughts of others, manifesting as a fight with that person's inner demons. It's up to you to determine the best approach and cards to play to reach your goal. The stronger your deck, the more likely you are to succeed.

"Affogato" promises six NPCs to interact with, thousands of unique lines of dialogue, and a never-before-seen battle system. If that sounds like just your cuppa, here's what you should know about this upcoming game.

What is the release date for Affogato?

"Affogato" does not have a set release date but will launch at some point in 2023 for PC via Steam. As detailed in a press release, the title marks the first project from the Shanghai-based Befun Studio. The founders, who professed their love for anime girls, intend to focus on creating exciting action card game experiences. Spiral Up Games, an indie-oriented company formed in 2021, will serve as the publisher. According to the website, the team has extensive experience in the independent development and publishing space.


Those who want to check out "Affogato" before committing their hard-earned cash can download the free demo released in July 2022. The offering includes Affogato's first week in Arorua and a taste of the battle system and coffee simulator mechanics. Those who play the demo can share their feedback with Befun Studio by filling out the Steam Test Survey. The developer plans to use this data to improve the game before it drops. Befun has only confirmed "Affogato" for PC, but a question on the survey indicates a potential interest in porting it to other popular platforms.

Is there a trailer for Affogato?

The July 2022 "Affogato" trailer provides a look at the title character and four of the NPCs she can form connections with – Mephista, Sera, Aoi, and Natalie. Befun appears to be saving the other two for a later reveal. The sequence also puts the mixture of art styles on display, including 2D illustrations, animated chibi characters, and tarot card designs. These cards factor into the deck battle system, and include designations like The World and The Chariot.


Of course, café management plays a big role in "Affogato." To become an accomplished barista, players need to master the use of different equipment, flavors, and blends. Use your growing knowledge and intuition to put together the perfect cup for each person and situation. The better the match, the more dialogue you'll unlock and the stronger your relationships will become. If your interest drifts more towards the reversed tower defense mechanics, the trailer features a peek at a demon occupying one of the mind labyrinths you have to navigate as well.

What are the story and gameplay like in Affogato?

Despite possessing mystical abilities, Affogato has managed to amass a fair amount of debt. She moves to Arorua and opens a coffee shop called Witchery to recover from her financial woes, but it seems Sera, another witch and an old acquaintance, has claimed the city as her territory. Sera agrees to let Affogato stay in the area if she completes three tasks for her. Her first assignment involves looking into why students from a nearby academy have fallen into a coma.


The situation at the academy leads to just one of many encounters Affogato has with the local demon threat. As a witch, it's her responsibility to seal the demons and save the residents of Arorua. She accomplishes this by entering their inner worlds, or mind labyrinths, and duking it out via special Witch Cards. Each card costs Penta (essentially mana) to use, and they summon combatants with special abilities when activated. Players have to survey the board, evaluate foes, and choose the best pathways and summons to use to defeat enemies and collect memories. Beating mind labyrinths rewards Affogato with money and soul shards.

Back at the café, Affogato can talk to patrons and make drinks like espresso and Americano. Each type has different preparation steps and equipment requirements – the player also has the option to season drinks with various ingredients to better suit the tastes of the customer. Mephista, Affogato's demon familiar and one of the six interactable NPCs, helps her run Witchery in addition to hunting down supernatural threats.