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Harvestella Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Not all games can be easily sorted into a genre – in fact, that's what has led to some of the greatest innovations and new ventures in the industry. With upcoming title "Harvestella," that may turn out to be the case. Created by the prolific development and publishing teams at Square Enix, "Harvestella" features a blend of fantasy, combat, RPG, and life sim elements.

There aren't many games that share similarities to both "Stardew Valley" and "Bravely Default 2," but "Harvestella" seems poised to be the exception. Though there's no telling yet exactly how it will strike a balance between its varied gameplay features, the surprise will likely intrigue players looking for something fresh.

First announced on June 28, 2022, there's already an abundance of information available about "Harvestella." Here's everything gamers need to know to decide if it's one for the wishlist, including details on its release date, console availability, price, trailer, and gameplay.

What is the release date for Harvestella?

Square Enix wasn't too coy about the release date for "Harvestella." In fact, it's been available since the title's reveal. This is a gift considering developers often approach release dates with some combination of mystery and ambiguity to keep audiences on their toes. For example, Square Enix still hasn't shared the launch target for "Final Fantasy 16."

"Harvestella" will release on November 4, 2022. Once it's out this fall, the game will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC only, with no word on potential ports to other platforms. As of now, preorders are open on Steam. A Switch preorder option has yet to come, but it's anticipated to arrive soon. "Harvestella" costs $59.99 for PC, so Switch gamers can likely expect a similar price point. Square Enix does not appear to be offering any pre-purchase incentives at this time.

Is there a Harvestella trailer?

There's one trailer for "Harvestella," and it delivers a full two minutes of gameplay footage and descriptive narration. The segment kicks off with upbeat instrumental music and a picturesque look at the city of Lethe, described by the voiceover as "a village adorned with the vibrant colors of the changing seasons." Gameplay features including tilling, sowing seeds, watering crops, harvesting, crafting, traveling, and meeting neighbors are all visually introduced and described.

The title looks like a farming sim until a twist is revealed – the dawn of Quietus, which takes the form of light beams and comets from space that suck the life out of the formerly lush landscape. To face this challenge, players are invited to "share in your new friends' sorrow, joy, pain, and courage as you stand together to face momentous ordeals." The narrator goes on to conclude that "this is the story of those who live alongside the seasons of life and death – of their fight against the rules of this world" as some otherworldly creatures are shown, once again reminding viewers that this offering has a lot of layers.

What is the gameplay like in Harvestella?

Thanks to the telling trailer, gamers have a fairly good idea of what to expect from "Harvestella" in terms of gameplay. There seems to be a healthy combination of farming sim and fantasy RPG aspects, creating a unique overall experience that will probably appeal to gamers with a variety of interests and genre preferences. On top of the sneak previews, the game's official website and blog elaborate on what's to come.

"Through the changing seasons, explore an imaginative world, tend your crops, make new friends, face enemies in dynamic combat, and unravel the mystery of the season of death, Quietus," detailed Square Enix. Seeing Lethe in different weather is sure to offer some eye candy, and while it's unclear if "Harvestella" is fully open-world, it looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for journeying and getting lost in the landscape. Players can also choose the protagonist's style and gender.

Four crystals called the Seaslight control the seasons in Lethe until the Quietus intervenes. As chaos ensues, making strong allies like scientist Aria, Argus Brigade member Asyl, and missionary Shrika becomes all the more important, as does combat. When battling, players can assign their party various Jobs that come with specific weapons and skills. There's the sword-bearing Fighter Job, distanced Mage Job, and twin blades for the Shadow Walker Job, as well as many others to be revealed.