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Digimon Survive: How To Beat Dokugumon

"Digimon Survive" offers a darker take on the long-running multimedia franchise. A cross between a visual novel and a tactical RPG, it follows a young teen named Takuma Momozuka who is thrust into the dangerous Digital World on a school trip, forcing him to gather allies and defeat enemies to make it out alive. As part of this journey, "Digimon Survive" allows players to battle some of the IP's most iconic characters throughout its lengthy run time.


Among the first bosses you take on is Dokugumon, a dangerous and parasitic Insectoid Digimon that tests your skills. The battle offers many lessons and strategies that players can take with them. While far from the toughest encounter in the game, it is still a difficult first challenge that requires some real-time strategy. Here is the best approach for defeating Dokugumon in "Digimon Survive."

Spacing is key to defeating Dokugumon

The battle with Dokugumon occurs in Part 1 of "Digimon Survive." The most important takeaway is spacing. The encounter takes place in a wide open arena-like area with no real obstacles, allowing you to deploy your Digimon — Agumon and Labramon — in strategic spots. Try to find approaches where you can flank Dokugumon and its companions, as attacks from the side and back are the most effective.


Take on each enemy one-by-one, beginning with the minions. Using Agumon and Labramon's attacks in tandem should quickly dispense of the smaller foes. Once they're taken care of, focus your attacks on Dokugumon. Once you've properly positioned Agumon and Labramon, defeating Dokugumon should be a mere formality. It's also important to note that you must keep your Digimon alive to pass this phase, so make sure you pick your placements carefully. Otherwise, you'll have to start the battle all over again.