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The Fall Guys Trick That Gives You A Head Start Every Time

Despite being a game with wonky physics where your character can be knocked over by the slightest bump, "Fall Guys" is still a game about skill. Since going free-to-play, "Fall Guys" has grabbed 50 million players in two weeks, and players everywhere are looking for an edge. One YouTuber found a trick to start every race off with a slight speed boost, but on final rounds that can be the difference between losing and grabbing the crown. Luckily for more fair-minded players, this speed boost allows you to get ahead without grabbing and pushing your opponent

Not every round in "Fall Guys" is a race, of course, and of all the final round options, only Fall Mountain and Lost Temple fall into those categories. That means that this trick won't always come in handy, but it should help you out occasionally. Here's how to get a head start in every single round of "Fall Guys."

Wiggle your way to a head start

YouTube channel Fall Guys TV — not to be confused with the official "Fall Guys" YouTube account — made a video showing off this particular trick. As shown in the clip, Fall Guys TV has found a way to start each round at full speed, when it usually takes a few moments for players to get to full speed. While the difference isn't substantial, there is a clear advantage to using this method.

In the video, Fall Guys TV shows that players need to push the stick forward at the start of the countdown, then start wiggling it side-to-side. Once the round begins, players need to continue doing this for about half a second to reach max speed, then the round can be played as normal. It's not clear why wiggling the stick while pushing forward does this, but it seems to work consistently. The comments on Fall Guys TV's video are full of players who are thrilled to have learned this trick, although some have pointed out that this eventually won't afford much of a head start if everyone starts doing it.

Fall Guys TV does not state if they have tried this trick on a keyboard and mouse, but it's still worth a shot!