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Genshin Impact: How To Save Leon

"Genshin Impact" is one of the internet's most popular games right now. People love the game despite its dark side, which includes gacha-mechanics that some people spend a lot of money on. In fact, one of the game's voice actresses, LilyPichu, revealed the harsh truth that she spent more money playing "Genshin Impact" than she ever made by acting in the game. While rolling for characters is one of the more popular and talked about features of the game, it's not the only thing to do – limited-time events are another popular game activity.

The Summer 2022 event, Summertime Odyssey, offers players a ton of different rewards. Some of these even include things like a free Fischl skin. One of the quests in the event is to save Leon, a brand new NPC related to Fischl and Oz. The quest has a few specific tasks that players will need to complete, though. Here's how to save Leon.

Helping Leon leave the cellar

YouTuber ZaFrostPet shared a tutorial on how to completely save Leon, which includes all three parts of the questline. The first thing you have to do is help Leon leave the cellar, a task which incorporates new features from the game. You'll need to go to the pillars around the cellar and interact with them to use the Gaze of the Deep. From there, you'll want to line up the floating box with the pathway underneath it.

This is a perspective game, and you can change things up by adjusting your view and zooming in and out. The game helps you do this by showing a dark line that will get you on the right track when it comes to getting them in place. You'll know you've done things correctly when the edges of your screen turn purple and a notification pops up that something has changed around you.

After you do this three times, Leon will come up a platform and you can move onto the next part of the quest.

Finally saving Leon

The next part of the quest is officially saving Leon from where he's stuck on a wall, which the quest marker will take you to. This again includes pillars and the Gaze of the Deep. However, to find them, you'll need to go to the opposite side of the room and climb down the ladder.

However, these aren't as easy as lining up some lines given to you. For the first obstacle, you'll need to line up the floating brown pillar to fill the gaps between the two boxes on the walls with lines. Similarly, the next puzzle makes you fill a gap in the wall with a floating cinderblock. The third puzzle is incredibly tricky because there's two boxes sitting on top of each other. You just need to focus on the top box and make it so that the top point is at the same height as the lines on the wall.

After that, Leon will finally be at the top again for you to speak with. Unfortunately, that's not quite the end of saving him.

Saving Leon once and for all ... for real this time

Once you've made your way to the library, which the quest markers will take you to, you'll be tasked with saving Leon for the last time. Again, you'll be using the Gaze of the Deep in order to rescue him, and you'll start by making your way to the opposite side of the room again. In order to get to the pillar, you'll need to glide down to the platform along the wall under you.

The first puzzle makes you line up a block with Leon on it with the glowing part of the wall to the right. From there, you'll hop down to the pillar towards the left of you. Once Leon has stopped moving from the first puzzle, you'll line the box up with the glowing part of the floor beneath it. For the third puzzle, you'll take the updraft to the next pillar. Again, you'll line the box that Leon's on to the glowing part of the wall behind it.

After all of that, you've finally saved Leon!