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Games To Play If You Can't Get Enough Of Stray

Since its release in July of 2022, "Stray" has taken the world by storm and become a hit with critics. The game, developed by BlueTwelve Studio and released on PlayStation and PC, sees players take control of a cute stray cat with their drone companion. Set in a cyberpunk world filled with robotic creatures, the cat and its new helper B-12 have to traverse through the city while avoiding monstrous zurks and security bots.


"Stray" certainly has a lot going for it and it's easy to see why it has become so popular. Playing as the adorable feline is an interesting and fairly unique experience in and of itself. However, the game also has a distinctive art style, a compelling dystopian world, and a focus on exploring the world from a new perspective, which also makes it highly appealing.

Although "Stray" might appear to be an entirely unique game, the truth is that there are at least a few other games out there that offer similar gameplay or themes. If you enjoyed exploring the cyberpunk world of "Stray" and playing as a cat, these games might be next on your list.

Catlateral Damage

First released on the web in 2013 and on PC a little later, "Catlateral Damage" was eventually ported to a variety of other platforms in the form of an enhanced version known as "Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered." The game ultimately has a rather simple premise, where players act as a mischievous cat who does exactly what cats have become famous for on the web — knocking things over and causing trouble. Played from a first-person perspective, the gameplay involves going around the room of their owner and damaging as many objects as possible in a set amount of time.


There are obvious comparisons with "Stray" here, as both games see users playing a feline character. Some things are different, though, such as the perspective of the gameplay and the fact that "Catlateral Damage" makes the cat an absolute menace. However, it might actually be a more realistic portrayal of what it would be like to be a cat, with Kotaku calling it an accurate cat simulator.

If you want to be a huge jerk cat, then you can play "Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered" on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Untitled Goose Game

At first glance, "Untitled Goose Game" might seem like an odd choice for a game similar to the dystopian world of "Stray," but the cat-based game has its fair share of playful moments, as noted by Ars Technica in its review of the game, which compared it to Studio Ghibli films. It is in that respect that the two titles share some similarities, with the 2019 House House game being jam-packed with humorous moments and comedy.


Just like in "Stray," "Untitled Goose Game" sees players take control of an animal and live life as they would — only this time around, it's a rather abusive goose that can honk at anyone or anything. Advancing through the plot in both games requires some experimentation, along with a bit of trial and error, all while both animals get into some prankish behavior with those around them. "Untitled Goose Game" even has plenty of puzzles to solve, so it could quite easily scratch many of the same itches as "Stray."

For those that want to try out "Untitled Goose Game" and see what mischief they can get up to, it's available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Spirit of the North

"Spirit of the North" is a game that features a playable fox as the protagonist, giving players a chance to see things from a different perspective. A third-person adventure game that was released in 2020 to mixed reviews, it has some immediate similarities to "Stray." Firstly, the two fit within the same genre and once again give players the opportunity to directly control a cute little creature. Both of them are also about exploring an unknown world and solving environmental puzzles.


The game focuses on a fox that seemingly dies from exhaustion before encountering a mythical spirit tasked with acting as a guardian for the area. It's then up to the fox, and the player, to investigate the ancient ruins left behind by a forgotten civilization and understand what has happened to the land. "Spirit of the North" ends up being a deeply mysterious and evocative experience that will feel familiar to those who enjoyed "Stray," even if the Nordic folklore and setting is in stark contrast to the neon lights and robots found in BlueTwelve's new game.

"Spirit of the North" is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.


Widely considered to be one of the best releases of the last generation, "Journey" is a great recommendation for anyone who just wants to play a really good game. Developed by Thatgamecompany in conjunction with Santa Monica Studio, it was first released in 2012 and has since been relaunched several times across a variety of platforms. In the game, players take control of a mysterious figure who travels across a vast desert in search of answers before eventually reaching the summit of a mountain.


"Journey" is filled with plenty of emotion and has a relaxing, yet compelling, feeling that keeps you engaged as you traverse the world and investigate the history of the world and its people. It's this tone that makes "Journey" similar to "Stray," with the 2012 title putting players into the shoes of a protagonist without much context for the world itself. It even has a similar sense of companionship, as another player can join your own journey, although you are given no information to identify them and can only communicate in chirps.

You can play "Journey" on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices.

The Last Guardian

One of Sony's most highly anticipated games of the PlayStation 4 era, "The Last Guardian" was the creation of Japan Studio and GenDesign. Led by Fumito Ueda, the action-adventure game was a sort of spiritual successor to both "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus." With that type of lineage, this 2016 game had plenty to live up to and delivered for the most part.


The game follows the story of a young boy and his companion Trico. This large legendary creature resembles a sort of griffin-like beast, part bird and part animal. The two form a close bond and adventure together, caring for each other and keeping them safe as they battle against the master of the valley.

Available exclusively on the PlayStation 4, the game has a deep focus on teamwork, as both the boy and Trico have to cooperate to move forward. This works in a similar way to how the cat and its drone companion interact and work together in "Stray." In both games, the only way to keep advancing is to use each of their strengths and abilities to solve puzzles and move through the environment.


To many people, "Okami" is one of the first games that showed that the medium could be considered art, thanks to what The Verge calls "one of the most beautiful experiences in gaming." For that alone, it is a game that as many people as possible should play. However, it is also one of the available titles that would appeal most to those who enjoyed the uniqueness of "Stray." Developed by Clover Studio, the title employs an ink-wash painting art style to portray the events of Amaterasu as she attempts to stop darkness from consuming the world.


Taking on the form of a wolf, the Sun goddess battles against the demon known as Orochi in what is a stylish and emotional tale. The Japanese folklore that influences the narrative seeps through constantly, putting players into an alien world they are not prepared for, much like "Stray" does with its futuristic setting. "Okami" also has a distinctive gameplay hook in the form of the Celestial Brush, which provides for plenty of inventive mechanics. All of this makes it an ideal game for people who couldn't get enough of the fresh gameplay in "Stray."

"Okami" can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with a port also available on Amazon Luna.

Gato Roboto

Developer Doinksoft and publisher Devolver Digital launched "Gato Roboto" in 2019 to mainly positive reviews, with a Metacritic score of 79 out of 100. The 2D platform game features heavy Metroidvania elements and sees players taking on the role of Kiki, a sentient cat from the distant future who sets out to help her owner Gary after their ship crashes. Using a weaponized mech suit, Kiki traverses a strange planet as she tries to find a way to escape.


One thing that will immediately stand out to fans of "Stray" is that "Gato Roboto" features a cat as the main character, as well as other animals and a vast array of robots. But it isn't just the setting that will be familiar but also the sense of exploration and stylish visuals. Players have to utilize both the mech suit and Kiki's own abilities as a cat to find a way through the various locations, solving environmental puzzles around every corner. "Gato Roboto" undoubtedly has a faster pace than "Stray," yet it shares many of the characteristics that have helped make the new release so successful.

"Gato Roboto" is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox.

Endling: Extinction is Forever

"Endling: Extinction is Forever" is one of the more recent releases, coming out around the same time as "Stray." Developed by Herobeat Studios, the adventure game is a rollercoaster of emotion that follows a mother fox that must care for her cubs in a world that is slowly being destroyed by mankind. While it is an atmospheric game with a more natural setting than the urban world of "Stray," but it is equally as good at portraying the animals in a realistic manner and providing a new perspective on the world according to The Verge.


Just like in "Stray," it is incredibly easy to become attached to the fox and her babies throughout the story and you'll fear any harm coming to them. This creates a sense of tension that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, despite the cute graphics and adorable creatures you are actually controlling. If that is an element of "Stray" that appealed to you, then "Endling: Extinction is Forever" will likely hit the same spot.

"Endling: Extinction is Forever" is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

A puzzle platform game that originally launched in 2020 and acts as a direct continuation of the story from "Ori and the Blind Forest." Releasing to critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the gameplay, visuals, and tone of the sequel. Considered to be one of the best Xbox games, "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" follows the story of Ori as they search for a baby owl named Ku when the pair become separated during a storm in an unknown neighboring land.


Where "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" and "Stray" are most similar is in the platforming gameplay. Both games heavily feature puzzle solving as one of the core mechanics and each requires the player to nimbly travel around the different areas as they investigate the world. There's a real feeling of curiosity that runs in the two titles as you delve into the unknown and try to discover more about the place you find yourself in. The two games also have particular art styles that, while very different, share some qualities that give them both a feeling of otherworldly fantasy.

Players can try out "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox consoles.


If you have ever wanted to play a game that essentially replaces Link from "The Legend of Zelda" series with a sweet little fox, then "Tunic" is the game for you. Wired called it one of the games of the year and, although it has a very different look to "Stray," it might actually have more in common with the hit game than you initially think.


Getting the obvious out of the way, "Tunic" is another title where you end up controlling what can only be described as a lovable creature. Of course, the fox is a more anthropomorphic portrayal compared to the realistic cat of "Stray." Yet, each release shares a sense of wonder that comes from uncovering the long-lost secrets that are hidden away.

Another shared feature of both games is that they reveal very little about what you are doing or why. The world of "Tunic" encourages players to discover their own purpose and mission rather than spelling out what their objective is, something that "Stray" also does to a certain extent. Throw in the emphasis on puzzle solving and this could well be a nice alternative to "Stray" that has a slightly different vibe.


"Tunic" is available on PC and Xbox, with PlayStation ports due to arrive in September.

Cat Quest

"Cat Quest," a 2017 action RPG from The Gentlebros, is essentially "Dragon Quest" but with the characters transformed into cats. In that sense, it is a very different experience from "Stray," as it features a top-down perspective and dungeon-crawling. However, a closer look reveals that "Cat Quest" has enough similar elements to the 2022 game to be enjoyed by fans of "Stray" –  if you can get past the anthropomorphic cat that acts as the main protagonist.


Although "Stray" is not strictly an open-world game in the traditional sense, it does give players the freedom to go out and investigate each little area at their own pace. This is something that is taken to extreme measures in "Cat Quest," where users get to travel the kingdom of Felingrad in search for their sister, who has been kidnapped by a villainous cat. If you love felines, then the constant cat references and puns will be a pleasant surprise as well. In the end, "Cat Quest" is probably ideal for those who want more cat content in their games but also more of a combat-heavy gameplay experience.

"Cat Quest" is available for download on mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation.


Tokyo Jungle

Many people will not have heard of "Tokyo Jungle" but it has become something of a cult classic since its release in 2012. The game, which was developed by Crispy's and published by Sony, bears some striking parallels with "Stray." Both are games that take place in a futuristic city that has seemingly been left abandoned by humanity, they each feature playable animals that are portrayed in a realistic manner, and the two titles put those animals in unusual situations.


In "Tokyo Jungle," players take on the role of various animals as they fight to survive when nature rises to take back Tokyo. It's an unusual premise that sees lions fighting dogs, but it also has a number of similarities with "Stray." These include the stealth mechanics present in both games and the fact that the narrative is slowly uncovered and only begins to make sense over time. "Stray" and "Tokyo Jungle" also eschew anthropomorphizing animals, striving to make them as authentic as possible. It's the perfect next game for those who want to see what it would be like to be in the shoes of other animals in addition to a cat.

The original game is exclusively available for PlayStation 3, but a mobile version is also available for PlayStation Vita.



Despite the fact that "ENCODYA" doesn't feature any animals that you can take control of, it is a good representation of some of the other mechanics and themes in "Stray." The Chaosmonger Studio game was released in 2021 and follows a young orphan called Tina who teams up with her robot guardian Sam-53 as they go on an important adventure to stop the approaching threat of the strange grayness. It's a mission left behind by her father, and as the story unfolds, more information is revealed about Tina and what the meaning behind life might be in this peculiar world.


There's no doubt that the two games don't share much visually, with each title having a very different take when it comes to art styles. "ENCODYA" is a far more cartoony take on the dystopian cyberpunk world than the grittier approach taken in "Stray." What does connect them together, though, is the developing companionship between the protagonist and their robot friend. The main characters in the two games both rely on their mechanical helper and are forced to utilize their combined talents to solve puzzles and move forward. It is these friendships that make the two games so alike.

"ENCODYA" can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.