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Adin Ross Breaks His Silence On 'Insane' Swatting

Adin Ross has broken his silence after being swatted during a recent livestream. During a livestream on August 7, those watching Ross' Twitch stream had a clear view of armed police officers entering his home, guns drawn. Dexerto shared a brief clip on Twitter, and reports Ross said, "Whatever troll did it, you did it. You officially did it. It's never happening ever again. Crazy," before ending the stream. After a few days of silence, Ross took to Twitter to confirm that he is okay.

For anyone unfamiliar, Swatting is when a viewer or troll calls the police to report some type of emergency at a streamers residence, usually something that warrants the Swat team being sent out. Then, the police raid the streamers home, usually catching them by surprise while they're live on Twitch. Considering the police officers believe they are headed into a dangerous situation, and the fact that the streamer is often caught by surprise, it becomes an extremely dangerous situation. Unfortunately, the practice is common enough that there have been plenty of streamers who were swatted live on stream just like Ross. Thankfully in this case, it appears that Ross is alright, although a bit shaken by the experience.

Adin Ross' public response to being Swatted

Adin Ross posted a short video on Twitter to let people know that he's okay after the incident. "Traumatizing man. It's scary. It's what comes with being in this position, and we're still in shock." Ross said. "It's a sick cruel world we live in, man." Ross said that he would discuss the full story of what exactly happened, and what the person said to get the police to raid his home, at some point in the future when he felt ready to talk about it. Ross said he appreciated everyone reaching out to make sure he was okay, and that this was a reminder of how dark the real world could be.

In the video Ross mentioned that IAmSpeed also had a swatting incident around the same time as him. In the text of the tweet, Ross confirmed that the two have spoken, and that Speed is also okay. IAmSpeed's Swatting incident appeared to be a bit more complicated, as he was reportedly handcuffed by police after claiming to prank call 911 earlier in the same stream. It's unclear if Twitch streamers and local police departments will ever find a way to avoid swatting in the future but this appears to be a continuous problem.