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Sea Of Stars - What We Know So Far

When Sabotage Studio's "The Messenger" released and was offered as an Epic Games Store freebie only a few months later, it quickly found favor with critics and fans alike. Sabotage drew inspiration from the old-school, side-scrolling "Ninja Gaiden" titles and opted for a different kind of shinobi video game. "The Messenger" fearlessly tread new ground by incorporating modern systems and a healthy dose of humor to compliment its retro feel. Now, Sabotage Studio is hard at work on its next title, "Sea of Stars."


If players are hoping "Sea of Stars" will act as a sequel or spiritual successor to "The Messenger," then they may be sorely disappointed. "Sea of Stars" is a turn-based RPG as opposed to a side-scrolling action game, and from the looks of things, it seems Sabotage Studio may be planning to forgo some of the silliness of "The Messenger" in favor of exploring some serious and wholesome themes. Here's what's known about "Sea of Stars" so far.

Is there a release date for Sea of Stars?

"Sea of Stars" actually started as a project Sabotage Studio posted to Kickstarter back in early 2020, and to the surprise and delight of the team, it was funded within seven hours of appearing on the platform. With performance like that, it's safe to say that "Sea of Stars" has already found a following, and many of those players are excitedly awaiting the moment they'll actually be able to play the game. That said, no one can really say for sure when that will be.


"Sea of Stars" does not have a specific release date, just a promise that the title will launch sometime in 2023. In the "Sea of Stars" Discord server, an update titled "A word from the team" posted in the Announcements channel read, "Keeping in mind our two main priorities -quality of life for our team and quality of the finished game- we can now confirm that Sea of Stars will be released in 2023." Though the post continued on, recognizing fans' patience and thanking them for all the support thus far, the vagueness of a 2023 release will have to suffice until Sabotage Studio is ready to share more.

Is there a trailer for Sea of Stars?

For those interested in taking a closer look at "Sea of Stars," there's a wealth of material available. Over on Sabotage Studio's YouTube page, there are three categories for "Sea of Stars" uploads: Trailers & Updates, Teasers, and Behind-The-Scenes. The Trailers & Updates section holds several videos that range from trailers to accompany the announcement of a new launch platform to 80-minute gameplay uploads of a specific locale. The recent PlayStation Announcement Trailer serves as a great introduction for those trying to decide on a trailer to watch.


The Teasers section for "Sea of Stars" is filled with bite-sized clips of environments or gameplay elements. Finally, the Behind-The-Scenes section includes concept art and selections of music from the title. While most studios are content with offering a handful of trailers and promotional art, Sabotage Studio really went above and beyond to loop fans into the work on "Sea of Stars."

What will gameplay be like in Sea of Stars?

"Sea of Stars" isn't just taking steps away from "The Messenger" in tone and setting, as the two will also have completely different gameplay. "Sea of Stars" aims to be a turn-based RPG in the same style as the "Final Fantasy" games of old. Players will control three characters with a whole array of attacks, skills, and combos to demolish enemies. 


Combat seems to be a central point for "Sea of Stars," with many of the trailers or gameplay videos showcasing powerful moves that combo off another character's ability. Some characters even have abilities that allow players to reposition a foe — opening up the opportunity for devastating AOE attacks.

Of course, outside of battle there will still be plenty for players to do. Characters will be able to change equipment and purchase supplies, but it also looks like "Sea of Stars" will have plenty of other activities for players to enjoy when they're not out adventuring — like fishing or taking in a show. It seems like once players get their hands on "Sea of Stars" they'll have no shortage of ways to interact with the in-game world.