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Final Fantasy 14: The Best Way To Get The Bluefeather Lynx Mount

"Final Fantasy 14" is the success story of MMORPGs. While the game flopped when it first launched, it would go on to see an unexpected surge of players who find the game still worth playing today. From exploring to questing to taking the time to become the best darn chef in all of Limsa Lominsa, there's plenty of things for players can do — and one of those is to get a mount.

Mounts make roaming around the map much quicker and offer players a chance to express some style. There are plenty of visually captivating mounts in the game, and one of them is the Bluefeather Lynx. As one might guess, it's a ridable blue Lynx — but it also has wings, and appears to shimmer while carrying players. In order to get the mount, players will have to rely on a bit of luck and farm one of the Extreme trials in the game.

Prepare to farm The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria

In order to get the "Endsinger" Extreme mount, players will first need to get the Bluefeather Lynx flute. This item registers the Bluefeather Lynx in a character's Mount Guide, and allows players to summon the noble creature. However, getting the flute isn't anywhere near as easy as using it to summon the Bluefeather Lynx.

The Bluefeather Lynx flute is a reward players can receive after completing the Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria trial. Considering it's a level 90 Extreme trial, it won't be something every player can attempt until they're the appropriate level. According to MGG, the mount can also be purchased for 99 tokens, which can be farmed by repeatedly going through the trial. Either way, players are likely in it for the long haul, as the flute's drop chance is presumed to be extremely low. While no one knows the drop rate for sure, players have guessed that there's probably about a 2% chance of encountering the item.

With that said, if players want their very own Bluefeather Lynx, they'd do well to prepare to hunker down and run The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria trial until they either have 99 tokens or get lucky with a flute drop before then.