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How Long Does It Take To Beat Cult Of The Lamb?

It's quite hard to describe the plot to "Cult of the Lamb" with a straight face. Basically, the game is a roguelite that revolves around a lamb who becomes possessed when a nefarious god saves it from death. It's a truly bizarre premise, but one that has earned the intrigue of gamers since its announcement at Gamescom in 2021. "Cult of the Lamb" seems to have proven itself worthy of that intrigue, as early reviews have been mostly positive in regards to the game's story, visuals, and uniqueness.


While it might be a relief to many that "Cult of the Lambs" seems to have lived up to the hype, another important question regarding the game pertains to the amount of content it possesses and how long gamers can expect to stay with it until completion. Roguelites and roguelikes often feature long and difficult progression systems that can be completely erased upon in-game death. As a result, these mechanics typically buff the amount of hours players will spend with a roguelike game. 

But does "Cult of the Lamb" match this kind of descriptor and give its playerbase an endless amount of hours to spend in its deranged virtual world? The combination of cult management and roguelike action would seem to make for a lengthy experience. Here's how long it takes to beat "Cult of the Lamb."


Cult of the Lamb takes approximately 13-14 hours to beat

Apparently, "Cult of the Lamb" doesn't take too long at all. According to Ollie Toms of Rock Paper Shotgun, gamers can expect to beat "Cult of the Lamb" in a cool 14 hours. "I finished the game after 14 hours of play, which isn't very long at all for a roguelite, nor a management game to be honest," Toms said in his review. However, Toms was quick to point out that he hadn't squeezed out every last bit of content that the game had to offer, saying that some of the side quests and dungeon runs had been left unfinished.


Writing for IGN, Tom Marks experienced a similar runtime with "Cult of the Lamb." According to his review, he completed the game after about 13 hours, even after undertaking plenty of side content. "I reached the end of both its progression trees about two-thirds of the way through, and I've completed nearly all of the side activities I've managed to find," Marks said. 

Jordan Devore of Destructoid also said that "Cult of the Lamb's" main story runs at about 13 hours long, but that many more hours can be spent enjoying side content. So it seems "Cult of the Lamb" can be extended, providing you want to put more into it.