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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock Zeon

Nintendo has plenty of popular first-party exclusives – just look at "Mario," "Zelda," and "Pokemon." However, another major franchise has done well for the company, and that's the RPG series "Xenoblade Chronicles." "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" earned praise from critics, and its diverse cast of characters contributed to that success.


The game gives you a variety of character types to play with, like defenders and attackers. Zeon, the commander with wings sprouting from his hair, ranks among the best defenders in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3." With high defensive stats and decent attacking stats, he beats out most of the other defenders in the game. However, he doesn't just appear on your roster. Similar to characters like Valdi, you need to go out of your way to unlock him. Luckily, it's not too difficult to get him on your team, and you can do so fairly early in the game by proving your battle prowess in a quest.

Taking Zeon on and getting him on your side

According to YouTuber Gaming with Abyss, you can unlock Zeon in "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" once Ethel departs in the third chapter. At that point, you'll need to gather information until you get the topic "Colony 9 Lately." You can do this in multiple locations – Gaming with Abyss found it in Colony 4 while Karpo Gaming found it in Colony 30. From there, you'll want to discuss that topic at a canteen or rest pot.


Once you've discussed "Colony 9 Lately," you'll unlock the quest "Where the Heart Is." When you recruit Zeon, he comes in at level 21, so it's best to be around that level before you take on the quest. At the beginning, you'll have to fight Zeon and defeat him. Zeon will temporarily join your party after that, and you'll need to head to Colony 9 to get him permanently. Zeon will give you a task to beat the Agnus Strike Force – once you've done that, you'll report back to Colony 9 again. There, you'll need to fight Moebius B. At the end of the battle, Zeon will join your team!